World media react to events in Poland. "The heads of Polish public media dismissed"

, 20:41, 21.12.2023
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The TVP case in Poland has garnered international attention as the government, led by Prime Minister Donald Tusk, takes steps to depoliticize public media.

World media react to events in Poland. The heads of Polish public media dismissed

This is what Kaczyński fears the most: that the loss of TVP is the beginning of the end for PiS

The TVP case covered not only Polish media, but also foreign media. The world's largest editorial offices write about the situation of Polish public media. They write about the suspension of broadcasting of the TVP Info station, changes in the presidents of Telewizja Polska, as well as the introduction of new rules of the “pro-European” government.

On Wednesday, the Polish Television building was occupied by PiS politicians. The police intervened at the headquarters on Woronicza Street. The TVP Info signal was also interrupted. Instead of typical news programs, TVP 1 and TVP 2 began to broadcast.

The turbulent events are a consequence of the decision of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, who dismissed the current presidents of Telewizja Polska, Polish Radio and PAP together with the management boards of the companies. Then he appointed their deputies.

The minister's decision was made after the Sejm passed a resolution on the restoration of legal order and the impartiality and reliability of the public media and the Polish Press Agency. 244 people voted for it, 84 were against and 16 abstained.

World media react. The heads of Polish public media dismissed
This is what Kaczyński fears the most: that the loss of TVP is the beginning of the end for PiS


TVP. The world about the situation on Polish television. They talk about “depoliticizing” the media

The world's largest agencies and portals commented on the situation in the Polish media.

“The new Polish administration has announced that it is firing executives in the state media, which for eight years in power of the right-wing populist Law and Justice party (PiS) were widely perceived as the government's spokesman”, wrote The Guardian.

The state media were regularly accused of biased reporting, dissemination of propaganda and verbal attacks on the opposition. The new ruling coalition, under the leadership of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, declared the fulfillment of the election promise to reset public television

the medium further reported and recalled Tuesday's vote of the Polish Sejm on this matter.

In turn, the British BBC network described the matter as follows: - The state television TVP Info was turned off after the new government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk took steps to depoliticize public media.

Reuters indicated that, according to “critics” of public media, Telewizja Polska was definitely politicized and became a “propaganda tool” during the eight-year PiS government.

However, the AP agency described the events as an attempt "by the new pro-European government to gain control of the state media".

"Prime Minister Donald Tusk's cabinet (...) strives to restore independent media in Poland in a legally binding and lasting way," she wrote.



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