Ukraine wants to defeat the enemy. Looking for volunteers for "special missions"

, 21:39, 30.01.2024
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The Ukrainian army seeks volunteers for special missions in Crimea. The Main Intelligence Directorate calls for recruits aged 18-40 with a motivation to destroy the enemy.

Ukraine wants to defeat the enemy. Looking for volunteers for special missions

Ukraine is looking for volunteers. They are supposed to operate in Crimea

The Ukrainian army is seeking volunteers for special missions organized in Crimea. The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has announced the recruitment of volunteers for units of active operation in Ukrainian intelligence. Special missions are to be temporarily held in occupied Crimea. Ukraine is moving against Crimea, wielding a “punishing sword”.

Ukraine is going after Crimea. They will be a “punishing sword”

"Do you enjoy thunderclaps in the mountains? When was the last time you heard them in the mountains of Crimea? Perhaps it's time to organize them together with us. Join the active units of the GUR MO of Ukraine, and you will have the opportunity to unleash real 'thunderclaps' on enemies, wherever they may be, and if they try to hide," the Intelligence Directorate wrote on its Facebook profile, encouraging people to participate in the recruitment process.

The statement emphasized that the GUR MO of Ukraine is the force responsible for implementing the plans of the General Directorate of Intelligence. It was reported that its soldiers carried out “special missions” that involved surprising the enemy. Their attacks are often directed against the invader's fleets and landing grounds.

"They are the punishing sword that will reach all those who plotted evil against our homeland!"
it emphasized.

Ukraine is actively seeking volunteers. The requirements go beyond age. Every volunteer who decides to join the army must complete the application form provided below the entry. If selected, someone from the Ukrainian military will contact them by phone.

The requirements outlined in the survey include not only age - from 18 to 40 years - but also "motivation to destroy the enemy" and "no close relatives who are citizens of the Russian Federation."

The army offers all volunteers financial support of up to UAH 140,000.


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