The Albanian Prime Minister told a joke about Putin. The main character is Prigozhin

, 20:03, 07.09.2023
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Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama told a joke about Vladimir Putin during the Strategic Forum in Bled. The subject of the joke was the accident of Yevgeny Prigozhin's plane.

The Albanian Prime Minister told a joke about Putin. The main character is Prigozhin

Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama during the Strategic Forum in Bled

The Strategic Forum (BSF) was held in Bled on August 28 and 29. This is a cyclical high-level conference co-organized by the Slovenian government. Ambassadors of many countries participated in a panel on the power of solidarity in the context of the war in Ukraine. During this debate, the Prime Minister of Albania made a joke that amused the audience.

"I called Prigozhin's family to express my condolences, but the plane hasn't taken off yet"

- I don't know if you've heard, but Russia is considering unifying its time zones because there is a nine-hour difference between one side of the country and the other. Then the Russian Prime Minister went to Vladimir Putin and said: There is a problem. My family was on vacation and I called them to say good night and it was morning and they were at the beach.

- I called Olaf Scholz to wish him a happy birthday, but he said they would be there the next day. I called Xi Jinping to wish him a Happy New Year, but he replied that they still had the old one. Putin replied: Yes, it happened to me too. I called Yevgeny Prigozhin's family to express my condolences, but his plane has not taken off yet, Rama concluded.

Prigozhin's plane crash

The crash of an Embraer Legacy 600C private jet belonging to Yevgeny Prigozhin occurred on August 23 in the Tver Oblast near Moscow. All those on board (i.e. seven passengers and three crew members) were killed. An investigation has been launched into the case. On Sunday (August 27), the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation reported its first results. It has been confirmed that the Wagnerian leader died on board the plane.

The Kremlin said last week that it was possible that “third parties” were responsible for the disaster.

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