Russia concentrated 52,000 invaders and almost 280 tanks towards Bakhmut - Defense Forces

, 16:43, 17.09.2023
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Enemy losses in the east exceed Ukrainian losses by 7-8 times. For this reason, Russia concentrated 52,000 invaders, almost 280 tanks and over a thousand armored vehicles towards Bakhmut.

Russia concentrated 52,000 invaders and almost 280 tanks towards Bakhmut - Defense Forces

Russian Federation had concentrated towards Bakhmut

The military reported what forces the Russian Federation had concentrated towards Bakhmut

Russia has concentrated 52,000 of its troops and 280 tanks towards Bakhmut, Ilya Yevlash, head of the press service of the Eastern Group of Forces, said on a telethon. According to the spokesman, the forces of the Russian Federation currently consist of approximately 150,000 soldiers and thousands of pieces of equipment.

“They also keep a lot of equipment. About a thousand tanks, about 3 thousand armored fighting vehicles, a thousand artillery systems and 600 MLRS systems," Yevlash added.

The head of the press service stated that enemy losses in the east are 7-8 times greater than Ukrainian losses, which, in his opinion, contradicts any military logic and science.

A powerful group, but thanks to our skillful actions, thanks to our courage, bravery and experience of our defenders, we hold them and do not allow them to break through our defense. Moreover, with smaller forces, with the enemy dominating the air, we still advance, even with smaller losses.

The Russian invaders have logistical and personnel problems

He also said that the Russians have problems with logistics, but noted that they are “quite well-equipped” in the Lyman-Kupyan direction, where various types of weapons are repaired.

"Tanks such as the T-90 and Solntsepeky have been destroyed there recently, but at the same time the moment has come when they are starting to plug the holes and use various Soviet weapons such as the BMP-1 and MTLB, which are already 60 years old and more, which should be written down to a loss a long time ago,” Yevlash said.

Now they use different soldiers for assault attacks: both rear units and liaison officers, but their effectiveness speaks for itself, because these soldiers do not have the appropriate experience at all, and their effectiveness is desired, which is basically in our hands, which we use it effectively. Let them continue like this.

Let us add that over the last day, September 16, the Ukrainian army eliminated 530 Russian occupiers. Thus, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the enemy has lost approximately 272,320 soldiers.

In addition to the ongoing challenges faced by Russian invaders, Ukraine is making significant strides in bolstering its defense capabilities. Ukrainian officials have recently announced plans to significantly increase drone production by more than 120 times by the end of the year, a move that could further enhance military capabilities.

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