Money, repairs or non-food kits: a center to help victims of a rocket attack has opened in Chernihiv

, 22:03, 21.08.2023
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In Chernihiv, on August 21, a single center for helping victims of the Russian missile attack, which hit the city center with the Iskander-M missile, started operating on August 21.

Money, repairs or non-food kits: a center to help victims of a rocket attack has opened in Chernihiv

Chernihiv's residents who suffered as a result of the missile attack can receive help from Ukrainian and international organizations. In particular, we currently know of one company from Denmark.

Among the types of assistance: minor and medium repairs (replacement of windows, doors), non-food kits, financial support.

As reported by the Citizens' Appeals Department, the repair of the damaged property is currently underway.

“ZhEK employees are examining the affected houses and apartments. Now everything is being checked to get data, how much, what and how," Antonenko said.

Recall that on August 19, around 11:30 am, the Russian army struck the center of Chernihiv with an Iskander-M ballistic missile, targeting the regional musical and drama theater. The rocket was supposed to explode in the air, not inside the building. This information was announced on the telethon by the head of the Department for Combating Crimes Committed in the Conditions of Armed Conflict of the General Prosecutor's Office, Yuri Belousov. As a result of the Russian missile strike, 163 people were injured: 7 were killed, 156 were injured.

As Vyacheslav Chaus, the head of the Chernihiv OVA, reported in one of his video messages, 60 buildings, i.e. about 500 apartments, were damaged.

How to get help, detailed information can be obtained from the Civil Appeals Department of the Chernihiv City Council (9 Shevchenko St.) or by phone:

  • (0462)678-668;
  • (0462)677-064.


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