House arrest for 60 days. A police officer who fatally injured a person was detained in Dnipro

, 22:31, 31.08.2023
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In the Kirov District Court of Dnipro, a preventive measure was taken against patrol police officer Yehor Zvonkov, who fatally injured a person after stopping a car.

House arrest for 60 days. A police officer who fatally injured a person was detained in Dnipro

a preventive measure was taken against patrol police officer

The law enforcement officer himself did not appear in the courtroom due to his health condition. But he attended an online meeting.

The prosecution asked for the detained patrolman to be remanded in custody for 60 days without bail. In particular, prosecutor Artem Zheliba noted that the policeman should have warned against the use of service weapons.

Yuliya Szegeda, a lawyer for the detained patrol officer, considers the suspicion of her client's intentional murder to be unfounded.

“Accusing someone of a particularly serious crime and at the same time abandoning the investigation, failing to establish - even an elementary - event within 10 minutes is, in my opinion, a very superficial approach. And the suspicion, in my opinion, is unfounded,” she said.

According to her, the defendant has a craniocerebral trauma and bruised tissue, which is why he needs hospital treatment.

Yuliya Szegeda also commented in court on the camera footage of the policemen's bodies during the incident.

She says: her client saved his partner's life.

"What else did we see? Then we saw the attack, the physical attack on the police officers... I watched the video more closely. It shows that when the man (fatally wounded by the patrolman - ed.) made this move, which caused the suspect to fall to the ground, he immediately ran to kill the police officer. He ran to kill the cop. And he really hit her. We see it dripping blood. So what did the suspect do? He was saving his partner's life," Shegeda said.

Lawyers for the detained patrolman are asking the court to impose a preventive measure on their client - personal commitment, house arrest or bail.

The detained patrolman told the court that he pleaded not guilty.

"I absolutely disagree with the suspicions," he said.

According to the police officer, he used the weapon only after taking all possible measures and in order to save life.

He also refused to apply a preventive measure - detention, because, as he stated, he was undergoing treatment, and secondly, he had not committed the crime of which he is suspected.

The patrol officer's lawyer, Julia Szegeda, after choosing a preventive measure, told the client that she agreed with the fact that the issue of his misconduct was controversial and needed clarification. However, she categorically disagreed with the charge of intentional murder, which was also prosecuted.

"Regarding excess powers. I agree that this is a controversial issue. I agree that it should be resolved during the investigation, I agree that there will be much more control. And of course this will be clarified during the investigation. But when it comes to intentional homicide, I categorically disagree. And today you heard that the prosecutor did not convince. I don't know about you, but the prosecutor didn't convince me," she said.

What is known about the incident with the policeman that took place on August 29 in Dnipro

  • According to the website of the patrol police of the Dnipro region, on August 29 in Dnipro, on Ivan Mazepa Avenue, a patrol officer mortally wounded a man.
  • According to the findings of the State Bureau of Investigation, it has already been established that law enforcement officers tried to stop a car in the center of the Dnipro, the driver of which was ignoring traffic rules. After stopping the car, the man behaved aggressively. During the incident, a law enforcement officer used a service weapon. The man died of gunshot wounds.
  • Criminal proceedings were initiated under Part 1 of Article 115, Part 3 of Article 365 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. An official investigation has been launched into the use of registered firearms by a patrol officer.
  • A law enforcement officer was detained for exceeding official authority.


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