A huge initiative of NATO countries. One million drones for Ukraine

, 12:14, 18.02.2024
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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced a coalition's commitment to supplying Ukraine with one million drones in 2024. Drones serve as critical tools for Ukrainian soldiers.

A huge initiative of NATO countries. One million drones for Ukraine

Drones: A Critical Component of the Conflict in Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced the formation of a coalition committed to providing Ukraine with one million drones in 2024. We outline why drones are crucial tools for Ukrainians.

Drones, in their various forms, represent one of the most effective means by which Ukrainian soldiers can offset the significant numerical and equipment advantages held by the Russians. Without drones, the Ukrainians would stand little chance of inflicting losses on the Russians, who outnumber them by a factor of 13.

Hence, a consistent supply of drones and artillery ammunition is essential to maintaining the front line. Approximately 20 countries have joined NATO's latest initiative and pledged to provide both military and commercial drones.

Drones: A Critical Component of the Conflict in Ukraine

In Ukraine, drones serve a multitude of purposes. Basic functions include observing specific sections of the front line and guiding artillery. Additionally, drones are utilized in providing medical assistance, conducting search and rescue missions, and even facilitating surrenders.

However, the most notable application of drones lies in their ability to conduct targeted attacks on various objectives. Initially, drones were used to drop grenades or mortar shells. Subsequently, FPV (First Person View) drones have been employed to create improvised "kamikaze" drones, targeting not only tanks but also individual soldiers. The latest innovation involves using drones and remotely controlled robots to deploy mines near Russian positions.

It's crucial to note that due to Russia's advancements in electronic warfare, employing commercial drones has become challenging, with only certain military units capable of operating in such conditions. Therefore, structures like FlyEye or Warmate from the WB Group become indispensable, as they can work in conjunction with artillery to neutralize Russian jamming systems, enabling the use of commercial drones.

A huge initiative of NATO countries. One million drones for Ukraine

Unfortunately, this heightened reliance on drones comes with significant equipment wear and tear. According to the RUSI report, Ukraine could lose up to 10,000 drones per month. Consequently, the supply of drones, defensive measures, and artillery ammunition has become paramount.

Equipment Set to Reach Ukraine in Larger Quantities

The initiative will involve purchases from European drone manufacturers, bolstering production capabilities significantly. This applies to both the commercial and military sectors, which stand to benefit from joint purchases funded by NATO countries, similar to previous artillery acquisitions.

In the realm of commercial drones, companies like French Parrot, known for producing drones such as the Anafi Thermal Parrot, will likely benefit. These drones, weighing a mere 315 grams and boasting a flight range of up to 4 km, feature dual cameras: a 4K daytime camera and a thermal imaging camera with a resolution of 160x120 pixels, operating in the 8-14 μm band.

On the military front, Polish Warmate drones have proven troublesome for the Russians, weighing 5.3 kg and capable of operating in areas previously deemed safe from drone activity.

Warmates are typically outfitted with fragmentation warheads, equivalent to an 82 mm mortar shell, sufficient to destroy command centers or electronic warfare systems. While variants with thermobaric and cumulative warheads exist, they are less common.


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