Revenge of the Queers | Queer Pandemic | Rayan Riener [EN]

Revenge of the Queers | Queer Pandemic | Rayan Riener [EN]

Disclaimer. The story Revenge of the Queer is included in the collection of fantastic stories Queer Pandemic. All characters and events in this satirical novel are fictitious.

Disclaimer. The story "Revenge of the Queer" is included in the collection of fantastic stories "Queer Pandemic". All characters and events in this satirical novel are fictitious.

Revenge of the Queers | Queer Pandemic | Rayan Riener

"Revenge of the Queers"

Ukraine // Near future

#KyivPride2022 // Beginning of the End...

After the start of the Pride, LGBTIQ+ go on a safari for homophobic heterosexuals. All the news is warning of danger and asking Nazis and religious people to adhere to basic safety rules. Security Volunteers and Dialogue Police try to deal with waves of heterophobes, pounce on defenseless Christian families with knives, pepper spray, tearing posters from their hands with quotations from the Holy Scriptures. Many streets are closed, the subway works only for LGBT people. Defenders of the rights of Heterosexuals ask not to provoke and remove all icons and crosses, other religious symbols during the Pride, shouting "Freedom to heterosexuals!" into megaphones because of the blocked streets, they advise wearing wigs and boas, make up your eyes and tie a rainbow ribbon to get lost in the crowd.
There is a policeman in every entrance to protect children and their parents from attacks by rabid LGBT people. But the unfortunate heterosexuals do not have to rely on their help, they now and then swear under their breath: "fuck these heterosexuals have bred!" but they have to fulfill their professional duty. Special heterosexual trains ply in the metro to take Christians out of the city (they do not stop at the stations and lead only to the final ones from the center), so that they can hide in the forests and dugouts during the perverts' orgy!
Traditionalists, unable to quickly reach the subway, lock themselves in their apartments and look out of windows in fear, while a multimillion-dollar procession led by Zianja (now Zi Faamelu, and earlier Boris Aprel) marches through all the streets, throwing burning toilet paper at all churches and setting up LGBT flags are on their way! Icons are broken! Holy Scripture is trampled on, and the priests are praying on their knees, asking Almighty God to stop this chaos and outrage! Gays and lesbians make their way into heterosexual rights centers and disrupt all events, push poor women mothers out of the premises and splash pepper spray on the eyes of all men, despite the fact that this frightens the children and adolescents present, traumatizes their psyche due to unprecedented violence.
And now, after a month of this nightmare, the last hetero-deputy escapes from the Verkhovna Rada and homodictatorship is proclaimed with the new Rainbow Constitution, which prohibits "heterast" marriage and adoption of children, and obliges men to submit to women. But even so, disadvantaged hetero families have been living in the ghetto for a long time, and can only scream from behind their cells about their own rights on a stretch of a couple of hundred meters from the house, because no one wants to rent out housing or sell real estate to opposite-sex couples, or they are fired from work immediately, as soon as their heterosexual orientation is revealed... Children and teenagers face violence and bullying from perverts who believe that it is easy to beat and set other people around on straight classmates just because they have a heterosexual orientation!
* * *
Suddenly Sasha wakes up and looks out the window, behind which thousands of perverts are chanting their slogans.: "Gan`ba! Gan`ba! Gan`ba!"/ "Our tradition is freedom!" A stone hits his window, the glass breaks and his girlfriend Masha instantly wakes up, screaming at the same time. Son Danil leaves his room, paying attention to the noise. Activists dressed in rainbow robes are carrying hundreds of torches.
- Dad, mom, can I not go to school today?
Parents move away from the window, with an indignant look.
- No, you must go. Without education you will not find a job.
- But they're all going to say to me again that I'm a stinky straight fag today and the boys will beat me again after school and the girls will call me a freak.
- Dear, we'll talk to the director so that they get behind you and don't touch you anymore.
- It won't help! Well, how do you not understand?! Things are only going to get worse! The whole school already knows that my parents are straight, not gays or lesbians! - screaming son, starting to cry. - Can we just move away from here to the communes in the woods to hide from them all?
Sasha looks at Masha, and she looks in his direction, silently.
- Honey, we've got work to do. We cannot lose her. Where can we find another? It's not as easy to live in the forest as you think, - says the father, laying his hand on his son's shoulder.
- Then why can't we go abroad?
- We do not have money for a visa, and there is a collapse with refugees from Ukraine...
Daniel runs into the room and slams the door behind his back.
Parents complain, but look at the sea of colorful people from behind the window.
- Remember, everything was different...
- Yes I remember, - softly whispers Masha.
- We could beat "these", do whatever we want with them. Keep them in cages, choke them, break their bones like rats, and they were silent like a rag, afraid of us.
- And now...
- Now it's complete bulls....!
- What are we to do? Maybe we’ll still take Danila to the village with his grandmother and hide ourselves there, in the Poltava region. Girlfriends said that they are still tolerant of heterosexual people there.
- Not! We should do all the things we did to you when you were young! Remember, Masha We are with you, with these feet we mixed so many fag snouts in the blood, let out the guts of so many fag before they introduced strict observance of human rights.
- I remember we stood on the Maidan... For the European future, and now we have no future left. And Danil is returning from school all beaten up, and recently I discovered that he cuts his hands. He doesn’t leave the room at all... I hear how he is constantly crying there, and he has no friends. And all this - while these vile neighbor lesbians and gays calmly walk the streets with their children, hold hands, kiss and do not even think about the fact that we also want to live a full life.
- All these LGBT people need to gut their teeth again and grind their teeth into powder! - Sasha called out so loudly that the neighbors could hear.
- Hush, Sasha, the walls have ears. They must not know that we are a couple. Then we won’t run into problems, everyone will stare at us as perverts, they will blame the entrance for all the troubles, and even worse, they will beat us under the house. Think about your son, after all...
While Danil's parents were talking in their room, hiding their faces with a curtain, he quietly opened the door and walked out of the room towards the bathroom. Smearing tears down his cheeks, he carried his phone in his hands. The cell phone buzzed softly every now and then, alerting him to new messages. Kids from his school were texting nonstop: "Die heterast!", "Forwardwiring!", "Your parents seduce you, and condom?"... "There shouldn't be people like you in this world!", "We'll fuck you in the locker room, faggot!"...
The door to the bathroom closed softly. Sasha and Masha continued to quietly whisper, savoring the memories of the old days, where they mixed LGBT people with yard dust, bloodthirstyly rejoicing that they could not get up from the ground and protect themselves, and passers-by did not react.
- Maybe, - Masha spoke softly, - and you shouldn't have tormented them like that...
- Over whom?! These? - shouted out Sasha. - Yes, if I had known that it would be so, I would have killed them every day.
- You have already killed several... Maybe we ourselves are to blame...
From behind the windows, only "Shame!" was heard, and a caravan of cars with dance floors for half-naked transwomen now and then combined slogans with rhythmic electronic music and body movements to the beat. All the neighboring gays and lesbians came out onto the balconies to clap their hands at the column passing through their street.
Suddenly, Masha twitched, something skipped a beat in her mother's heart.
- What happened? - asked the "husband", although according to the documentation they were no longer someone for each other. Even if Masha had died, the father could not have taken his son. In this case, Danya would certainly have ended up in an orphanage or a boarding school, where he would have been raised by gays or lesbians. And no rallies for the rights of heterosexuals could help, because the bloodthirsty LGBT people banned heterosexual marriages and did not want to expand the rights of heterosexuals.
Masha turned around.
- Is there something wrong... I really feel like something happened.
- Danya?!
Masha ran to Danila's room, the door was open. She quickly grabbed the handle and walked into the room. It was empty inside. The window is wide open.
- Oh my God!
Sasha and Masha ran to the window, but only a stupid crowd came from below, chanting their slogans non-stop: "Shame!", "There is no God!", "We are against the debauchery of heterasts!", "We will arrange Sodom and Gomorrah for God!"
A poster hung under the window sill, taped to it. Masha immediately drew attention to him and tore off, pulling him back into the room, and Sasha quickly closed the window. It was written on it in markers: "I hate you all!".
- Where is he, Sasha?! Where is he?
Masha dug her nails into the "husband's" T-shirt.
- Maybe he's in the bathroom?
The parents immediately rushed to the door that led to the bathroom. But the door was locked!
Sasha began to push the door, trying to knock it out by force. When she succumbed, a terrible picture opened up before them. Danil was lying in the bathroom, lifeless. All of the water was red. He opened his veins...
The mother rushed to the child!
- What are you standing for?! Call an ambulance soon!
Sasha began to nervously dial the ambulance number and immediately spoke unintelligibly into the receiver.
Already for half an hour the ambulance was driving around the city by detours, on the chest of Danil's mother was roaring. They soon reached the hospital. There was once a church next to it, now it has been burned to the ground. Sasha cast a desperate look as the paramedics wheeled their son out towards the hospital. Masha sobbed and ran after her.
Taking one last look at the ruins of the past, Sasha headed to the hospital. A police siren sounded somewhere in the distance. Apparently they again went to save hetero-activists who got out from behind the bars with the Holy Scriptures and a prayer against a frenzied crowd of LGBT people who are ready to tear any heterosexual to pieces without further ado.
- The whole country would burn in Hell! - shouted out Sasha.
The surrounding people heard his words and immediately threw a lot of caustic words in his direction.
The doors closed behind Masha. The father went to look for where the doctors had sent them. Before entering the intensive care wing, where his son was probably receiving emergency care, he was stopped by a nurse.
- Where are you going? - he asked dryly.
- My son is supposed to be here now. Mary, my wife, was walking beside his stretcher.
- Different-sex unions are prohibited by the Constitution of Ukraine, - the nurse answered quietly and without a single emotion.
- But I am his father!
- According to the law - you are nobody to him! He only has a biological mother.
- I must get through! - Sasha shouted, pushing the nurse away from the door.
But he rudely threw him back.
- Are you not clear? Should I call the police? There will be no heterastyan in our country!
- What right do you have?! It's my son!
- I can only ask you to leave, - took control of the nurse. - If that doesn't work, I'll call the police. You probably know what gay convicts are doing in places not so remote from heterosexuals. They will let you go around and watch you bleed, and this is at best, my dove!..
The nurse smiled mischievously.
Sasha grabbed the cross that he inherited from his grandmother. It was hidden under his shirt, and a lump formed in his throat.
- How is it...
- Get out, or should I call the cops? You are a stranger to this child. We have to protect children from patriarchal bastards like you who seduce them every day, you stupid heterophile!
Sasha stepped back. He felt completely helpless against this misanthropic system. Today his son was taken from him, but what about tomorrow? Tomorrow, his own life could be taken away. Some drunken gays who see him as a heterosexual on the street can simply hit him with a piece of metal pipe and break his skull. And the police won't do anything!
Should have applied for asylum, - Sasha thought as he made his way to the hospital's exit. On the day when they passed the law on same-sex marriage, or emigrate to Russia. Lord, I am a Ukrainian nationalist, but now I love Russia more than my own country... A country where a woman will not tell a man, and stinking gays are burned in concentration camps along with Jews, just like under St. Stalin! Sasha fell to his knees in the middle of the street, raising his trembling hands to heaven.
- God! Why did you leave all of us?!

RayanRiener (2018)

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