Zelensky wants to equate corruption with high treason during the war. "This is not Stalinism"

, 20:50, 27.08.2023
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Volodymyr Zelensky intends to present a bill to equate corruption with high treason during the war. According to him, it is necessary to implement systemic solutions in Ukraine.

Zelensky wants to equate corruption with high treason during the war. This is not Stalinism

Volodymyr Zelensky - President of Ukraine

“I have set myself a task, and the legislators of Ukraine will be presented with my proposals to equate corruption with high treason during the war. I understand that such a weapon cannot work in society all the time, but I think it will help during the war” - Zelensky said in an interview with Natalia Moseychuk.

Zelensky: it is important not to twist nuts and introduce systemic solutions

Responding to whether corruption can be equated with high treason before the end of the war or whether the war will end sooner, Zelensky said: “We all want the war to end sooner. But precisely to use the right instrument as quickly as possible.” how is this possible. I think parliament will receive it in the coming week. Then the game will be on Parliament's side".

According to Zelensky, such a comparison will be a very serious tool "so that they don't even think about it". “But this is not a shootout, this is not Stalinism. If there is evidence, this person should be put behind bars,” he explained.

At the same time, answering the question about the fight against corruption, the president noted that "there is not much time to deal with the details, because there are minimal things." "If you want to fight local cobblestone, I can't fight cobblestone in every city", he said.

Zelensky wants to equate corruption with high treason during the war

In February-March 2022, there was a struggle for survival in Ukraine

The president has stated that he is suspicious of everything that happened in March. “Because when the state tells you to hand out guns to everyone, it's illegal. Some things are illegal. But there is a law of modern times", he said, adding that "March is a very difficult month".

When asked if he was ready to start fighting corruption on the part of his team, the president replied: "I don't have mine or not. There is an honest person or a dishonest person. If there is evidence that a person is dishonest, I fire such people. I don't see it today. I have a question. I have no such internal questions. I'm focusing on other things. That's why I'm calm. For me, the most important thing is the choice of a system solution. Then it will be easier for me to implement certain policies. I decided it myself."

Zelensky on the elections: billions and observers in the trenches are needed

Volodymyr Zelensky said that he would like to hold presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine in 2024, but this requires legislative changes, resources from partners and international observers even on the front line.

“If our parliamentarians are ready, because then changes will be needed in the legislation, in the electoral law, then let's do it quickly – once. If the United States of America together with Europe will give us financial support, five billion – because I will not do it, we could just take five billion from the budget, it seems to me that this is the amount needed to hold elections on a normal date", he said.

Zelensky added that the elections will not be held on credit. “And the most significant thing is that we take risks together. Observers should be in the trenches. I told him: you and I should send observers to the front lines so that we have legal elections for ourselves and for the whole world, and that's completely fair," the president added.

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