Zelensky urges swift Aid for Ukraine, warns of global consequences. "I don't advis to experimenting"

, 21:11, 18.01.2024
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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged the United States and the European Union to provide immediate aid to Ukraine, emphasizing that the crisis extends beyond national security.

Zelensky urges swift Aid for Ukraine, warns of global consequences. I dont advis to experimenting

Volodymyr Zelensky - President of Ukraine

"I do not advise experimenting with aid to Ukraine," said Volodymyr Zelensky, addressing Kyiv's allies in the US and the EU. "Honestly, I don't advise anyone to experiment because it's a terrible idea to delay this or that help," Zelensky said. In his opinion, not everyone in Europe and the world realizes that it is not only about Ukraine's security.

"This is also the security of the European continent, which will obviously affect security on all continents. And it already has an influence"
said the Ukrainian president.

He argued that "Russia's blockade of the Black Sea led many countries to adopt a dumping price policy in the agro-industrial complex, and some countries were simply left without bread."

Therefore, not helping Ukraine does not assist many continents where chaos can spread due to famine or other reasons, he added.

What will happen if Ukraine does not receive aid? Zelensky explains

Answering the question of what will happen if Ukraine does not receive the expected aid, Zelensky said that this will result in even higher mortality among Ukrainian society and lead to a global crisis in the world.

"We will be weakened on the battlefield. We will have a large artillery deficit. We will have a very large air defense deficit. This means that we will not be able to repel ballistic missile attacks. So there will be a large number of dead and a large number of injured", he said.

"Now there is a war, and then there will be a great crisis. Because without the help of the United States, without the help of the European Union, Ukraine will, of course, continue to fight, but Ukraine will be weaker, and this will be a chance for Russia to take us. And when it takes us, believe me, it will be a war between NATO and Russia. Honestly, I believe that Putin really cares about this", Zelensky said.

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