Zelensky sums up another year of invasion. "Ukraine regained the sea, the sky became safer"

, 19:44, 31.12.2023
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As 2023 concludes, Ukraine faces daunting challenges with limited success in its counter-offensive, strained Western aid, and internal issues in Kyiv. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin's confidence grows.

Zelensky sums up another year of invasion. Ukraine regained the sea, the sky became safer

Ukraine navigates challenges as 2023 ends

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Saturday that Ukrainian troops have not withdrawn from any direction in the ongoing conflict with Russia. In a post on his Telegram channel, Zelensky shared insights from the last meeting of the Commander-in-Chief's Staff in the current year, emphasizing Ukraine's achievements in reclaiming territory and enhancing its security measures.

"This year, Ukraine regained control of the sea and ensured safer skies", remarked President Zelensky. He underscored the unity and dedication of the Ukrainian forces, stating, "This year, Ukraine has not yielded any ground on land from any direction. We continue to operate cohesively as one team".

The meeting also delved into discussions about Ukraine's military strategy for the upcoming year, with a focus on increasing weapon production. 

"We are gearing up to manufacture more weapons next year, adhering to a well-defined schedule for our international engagements in January. Collaborating with our partners, we are devising robust solutions to meet the needs of every Ukrainian soldier, our entire nation, and our state"
Zelensky disclosed.

Highlighting the nation's resilience, Zelensky shared his determination, "Regardless of developments in other countries and irrespective of political shifts, we must possess the strength to contribute effectively toward our objectives". He stressed the importance of maintaining Ukraine's influence and upholding justice, expressing gratitude to international leaders who have supported Ukraine throughout the conflict and are committed to continuing their assistance in 2024.

Ukraine navigates challenges as 2023 ends

On the X platform (formerly Twitter), Zelensky reiterated his resolve, stating, "We will persist in our fight for influence and justice for Ukraine. I am grateful to all the leaders who have stood by us since February 24 and will continue to support us in 2024."

2023 was a difficult year for Ukraine

The end of 2023 paints a bleak picture for Ukraine. The Ukrainian counter-offensive yielded minimal results, Western aid faced challenges, and internal problems in Kyiv became more prominent. The massive shelling on December 28-29 added to the despair. Vladimir Putin is increasingly confident, evident in his recent press conference in Moscow.

Putin has steered the Russian economy towards a wartime footing. Despite the artificial inflation of economic indicators through the war industry, with arms production boosting statistics, there is stability in stores, and production is increasing. Russian ownership replaced Western companies, with the Chinese and Turks entering the market. The focus is on quantity rather than quality, exemplified by a surge in car production. The sacrifice of Russian soldiers is overshadowed by consumerism.

The West has seemingly forgotten the Bucha massacre and the plight of displaced Ukrainians. The conflict's visuals have shifted to the Hamas-Israel war. The Kremlin's pre-invasion conditions for NATO are sidelined in Warsaw, Prague, and Budapest, where distancing from the war is deemed absurd.

Ukraine navigates challenges as 2023 ends

The EU's decision on December 14 to start accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova offers some solace. This move is significant, especially considering the decade-long struggle for European integration during the Revolution of Dignity in Kyiv.

Putin opposes Ukraine's swift EU alignment, preferring it to remain in Moscow's sphere, impoverished and post-Soviet. European integration entails reforms, including anti-corruption measures, initiated after changes in the Minister of Defense's position in Kyiv.

Hope for a better year for Ukraine is tempered by the unpredictable war dynamics. The current conflict underscores the uncertainty of the situation, with fewer reasons for optimism compared to December 2022.

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