Zelensky signed a law restoring special checks on candidates for judicial positions

, 19:46, 22.08.2023
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The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed the Law No. 9322, according to which special checks of candidates for judicial positions are resumed. Law No. 9322 was returned to the Verkhovna Rada

Zelensky signed a law restoring special checks on candidates for judicial positions

War with corruption and conspirators

National Anti-Corruption Agency (NACP), such inspections are comprehensively carried out by several state authorities.

"NAZK checks whether a given person is entered in the "Register of Corrupt Persons", as well as the credibility of the information contained in the statement. Compliance of the expenses of the applicant and his family members for the acquisition of property with the regulations. Income obtained legally throughout life is also checked.

No more corruption and conspirators?

If the NAZK determines that the property does not correspond to an income of more than 100 of the subsistence minimum for able-bodied persons, the casting authority for this position will reject the candidate, added the National Agency.

The draft law entered into force on August 20, 2023. With this decision, Ukraine fulfilled the first recommendation of the European Commission regarding EU membership. The recommendations of the Venice Commission are also taken into account, which strengthen the role of international experts in the selection of candidates.

“Ukraine must educate and uphold high standards of justice. Verification of a candidate for the position of a judge is a necessary filter that will help to immediately root out the unscrupulous and prevent them from entering the justice system. This is a big request from citizens seeking protection for the duration of martial law before a court, as well as a request from our international partners,” said NAKC head Oleksandr Novikov.

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