Why this happens and how to make it germinate?

, 14:46, 23.02.2023
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Reasons for low seed germination. How to fix it if you are dealing with seedlings?

Why this happens and how to make it germinate?

Seedlings do not appear after sowing seeds: why this happens and how to make it germinate

Most often, summer residents who buy seeds from unverified suppliers or even on the Internet fall into such a situation. There are many reasons for this, but the main thing is to know how to correct the situation and not repeat the mistake in the future.

Why do seeds germinate poorly?

  1. None of the decent producers guarantees that his seeds will grow 100%. And in the best case, this indicator does not exceed 80%, and in ideal conditions. If we talk about planting in the soil, then the indicator drops to 15-25%. Conclusion: buy seeds with a reserve.
  2. The seeds could have been collected from the wrong fruits. It is better to take from the earliest and ripe ones directly on the bushes.
  3. This may be related to cultural characteristics. As in the case of pepper. Here, soaking the seeds does not give results. Only warming up at a temperature of +32 degrees Celsius helps.
  4. The seeds could be stored incorrectly (ideally, it is 14-16 degrees Celsius), and many summer residents simply keep stocks at room temperature.

So that there are no problems, you need to soak suspicious seeds as follows: seeds of zucchini and watermelons, cabbage, radishes and lettuce are soaked in water at a temperature of 20-25 degrees for 12 hours.

Tomatoes, beets, carrots and parsley are kept for 48 hours, and peas and beans are kept for 6 hours in the same conditions. Cucumber seeds are kept in water (+50) for 2 hours. For soaking, the seeds are placed in a gauze bag, placed in a vessel with water, but so that it only slightly covers the seeds.


Good seeds grow without it, but everything that has been stored for more than 4 years without stimulants is better not to plant.

Aloe juice is the most common folk stimulant.

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