US President about Russia's attack: Putin still wants to annihilate Ukraine

, 19:35, 29.12.2023
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In a statement on Friday, President Joe Biden highlighted Russia's latest air attack on Ukraine, emphasizing that Putin's goals to annihilate Ukraine persist.

US President about Russias attack: Putin still wants to annihilate Ukraine

Russia shelled the hospital, schools and houses

Russia's latest air attack serves as a stark reminder that Putin's objectives remain unchanged, with a continued desire to annihilate Ukraine and subjugate its people, warned US President Joe Biden in a statement issued on Friday regarding the extensive bombing of Ukrainian cities.

He also cautioned Congress that failing to enact new measures could hinder the US's ability to assist Ukraine in defending itself against further attacks.

Biden stated that the air assault on Friday marked the most significant Russian attack since the onset of the war, with missiles striking various locations, including a maternity hospital, shopping center, and apartment blocks.

"This serves as a powerful reminder to the world that, after almost two years of this devastating war, Putin's goal remains unchanged. He seeks to annihilate Ukraine and subjugate its people. He must be stopped"
asserted the president, currently on vacation in the Virgin Islands.

While acknowledging that Ukraine successfully employed US-donated air defense systems to repel the shelling, he emphasized the urgent need for additional aid, which was jeopardized by Congress's lack of action.

"If Congress does not act urgently in the new year, we will be unable to continue sending the weapons and critical air defense systems that Ukraine needs to protect its people. Congress must rise to the challenge and act without delay," Biden urged.

Putin still wants to annihilate Ukraine

Negotiations for a new aid package for Ukraine are underway in the Senate, scheduled to reconvene on January 8. Leaders of both parties expressed optimism about reaching an agreement shortly after the Christmas break, though they acknowledged that talks on immigration reforms, part of the package, were complex.

"The stakes are not just for Ukraine; they extend to the entirety of NATO and the security of Europe. Putin's threats against some of America's allies underscore the potential consequences, as a Russian victory could draw the US into another war in Europe," warned the president.

"We cannot let down our allies and partners. We cannot let Ukraine down. History will judge severely those who do not respond to the call of freedom," emphasized the head of state.

On Friday, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ihor Klymenko, reported that the massive attacks by Russian troops resulted in 30 fatalities and over 160 injuries.

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