US Naval Base Norfolk received oil products with direct delivery from Russia

, 21:01, 07.12.2023
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The tanker AVENCA (IMO 9410002) of the German company CST delivered 50 thousand tons of Russian oil products to the US Navy Norfolk base with a direct voyage from Novorossiysk.

US Naval Base Norfolk received oil products with direct delivery from Russia

US Naval Base Norfolk received oil products with direct delivery from Russia

The US Naval Base Norfolk has reportedly received a substantial shipment of 50 thousand tons of Russian oil products through the tanker AVENCA (IMO 9410002), operated by the German company Chemikalien Seetransport GmbH (CST). Despite the Western embargo on Russian oil products imposed on February 5, 2023, the vessel, flying the Liberian flag, made an uninterrupted journey from Novorossiysk to Norfolk, arriving on December 7.

EU's Stance and US Contradictions

The revelation of this direct delivery has sparked concerns and discussions about the enforcement and efficacy of sanctions against Russia. Andriy Klymenko, a representative of the Monitoring Group of the Black Sea Institute of Strategic Studies, first brought attention to this matter on his Facebook page, and the information was subsequently confirmed by data from the Marinetraffic monitoring service. This development raises questions about the ability of Western nations, including the United States, to effectively implement and uphold sanctions against Russia.

The timing of the shipment is particularly noteworthy, given that on February 5, 2023, Western countries collectively imposed an embargo on Russian oil products. This move was part of a broader strategy to exert economic pressure on Russia in response to its actions in the international arena. However, the direct delivery of Russian oil to one of the most significant naval bases in the world challenges the consistency and effectiveness of these measures.

US Naval Base Norfolk received oil products with delivery from Russia

Implications for Sanctions and Global Relations

It's worth highlighting that the European Union has already taken a firm stance by prohibiting the purchase of Russian oil products for its own use and instructing its companies to refrain from engaging in transactions involving Russian raw materials shipped by sea. The fact that the US, a key player in the Western alliance, received a direct shipment of Russian oil products might be perceived as a contradiction and raises concerns about the unity and coordination within the alliance.

Norfolk Naval Base, situated in Virginia, stands as the largest naval base globally, boasting extensive facilities, including ammunition depots, oil storage, and infrastructure for cargo operations. The base can accommodate a diverse range of vessels, including aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, dock ships, and destroyers. The revelation of the direct delivery of Russian oil to this strategically vital location adds complexity to the ongoing geopolitical landscape and may be viewed by some as a matter of concern and potential embarrassment for the United States.

As the international community closely monitors developments surrounding this incident, it remains to be seen how this breach of sanctions will be addressed diplomatically and what implications it may have on the enforcement of economic measures against Russia.


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