Unidentified drones spotted in Germany. Russia is tracking Ukrainians?

, 20:36, 08.01.2024
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Unidentified drones have been repeatedly spotted over German Bundeswehr training areas, including those where Ukrainian soldiers train. German politicians believe that this clearly points to Russia.

Unidentified drones spotted in Germany. Russia is tracking Ukrainians?

For over a year, unidentified drones have been spotted in Germany over Bundeswehr training grounds and barracks, precisely where Ukrainian soldiers, among others, undergo training. German politicians believe that this "clearly points to Russia." The Bundeswehr also suspects that Moscow is behind the drone flights. However, there is no evidence of this yet.

Bild and numerous other German media outlets reported the sighting of suspicious drones flying over a military area in Germany. They quoted Markus Faber, a member of the Bundestag from the Free Democratic Party and a member of the German Defense Commission.

How do the Germans react to drones flying over the Ukrainian training ground?

"Drones have been spotted over the Klitsch military training ground, where the Bundeswehr is training Ukrainians on Leopard 1 tanks. Additionally, several drones sometimes enter the airspace over other bases simultaneously," says Faber.

He believes that this "clearly indicates Russia's involvement." The Bundeswehr also suspects Moscow's connection to the UAV (drone) flights, but concrete evidence is lacking.

How are the Germans reacting to drones flying over the Ukrainian training ground? The German Ministry of Defense stated that none of the drones were shot down. Nils Hilmer, Secretary of State at the German Ministry of Defense, explained that discussions with the German Ministry of the Interior would be necessary to determine measures against drones. He emphasized the need for Germany to acquire appropriate protective devices against drones.

"There is a significant backlog when it comes to drones. One thing is certain: our army needs modern jamming equipment. We await the results of the working group in the next few months"
said Faber, commenting on the situation.

The Russian army is increasing the number of snipers along the front lines

Oleksandr Shtupun, spokesman for the Joint Press Center of the Taurid Defense Forces, reported during the "Only News" TV marathon that Russia is increasing the number of snipers in eastern Ukraine. According to Shtupun, the number of losses in the Tauride sector has doubled in just a few months. Over the past month, the enemy has increased the number of attacks. Shtupun mentioned constant rotations or deployment of new troops due to significant losses, especially in the infantry.

According to the spokesman, the Ukrainian military recorded trained cadre units from Russia, motorized rifle regiments and brigades, as well as members of Storm-Z operating in eastern Ukraine. In particular, the military noted the unauthorized escape of Russians from their positions. In one case, more than 30 people escaped from a trench and are currently in captivity.


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