Ukrainians will receive help in developing their own business in Poland. Registration for the program is ongoing

, 17:54, 27.08.2023
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Poland invite Ukrainians who want to develop their business in Poland to participate in the Reframery project. They will receive free access to the training program and will be able to attend meetings

Ukrainians will receive help in developing their own business in Poland. Registration for the program is ongoing

Ukrainian business in Poland is growing in strength. Last year, Ukrainians established over 20,000 businesses in Poland

The Reframery project aims to support the development of an existing business or help in developing the concept of your own business from scratch. The program is implemented by McMaster University in Canada, the Warsaw School of Economics and the Social and Economic Initiatives Fund.

Business development project. What will the program consist of?

The Reframery project allows you to finalize your business idea, define your sales market, get support in planning your marketing and sales strategy, and build relationships with clients and your team.

"The standard program includes modules such as self-entrepreneurship development, business models, corporate social responsibility, marketing strategies and social media (facebook, instagram), sources of financial capital and resource acquisition, learning from mistakes, websites and domains", - project organizers they report on their website.

For your convenience, the program will be available online. Participants will be able to log in at a time convenient for them. Each person will receive an individual access code.

“Independent learning of the course will be interspersed with group online mentoring meetings, during which you will be able to discuss issues of interest and doubts regarding your business idea. There will be 6 online group meetings. Online materials include books with examples of well-planned businesses, self-performing tasks and videos.

Participation in mentoring meetings is mandatory. You can miss up to two of these meetings. All mentoring sessions will be recorded and participants will be able to read or revisit the topics discussed later.

The Reframery project explains the rules of participation

Reframery enrollment will close on September 3rd. Interested persons must complete an online survey. In case of high interest in the project, the organizers reserve the right to terminate the recruitment process earlier. Before the start of the course, each participant will undergo an interview. The course is scheduled to start in the second half of September. The exact dates will be announced after the interviews.

The course is scheduled for approximately 15 weeks. Mentoring meetings with specialists are held after each module. The program is available in Ukrainian and English.

Upon completion of the course, participants will receive certificates.

If you have any questions, the organizers encourage you to write to [email protected]


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