Ukrainian IT Army disrupts russian payment terminals, creating New Year shopping chaos

, 16:06, 01.01.2024
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The Ukrainian IT Army recently targeted Evotor, Russia's largest provider of payment terminals, resulting in a widespread disruption of card payments across the country.

Ukrainian IT Army disrupts russian payment terminals, creating New Year shopping chaos

Ukrainian IT Army disrupts russian payment terminals

In a recent cyber operation, the Ukrainian IT Army successfully blocked the operation of payment terminals in Russia, specifically targeting Evotor, the country's largest supplier of such devices. The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Affairs disclosed details of the hackers' operation, emphasizing the impact on the ongoing New Year's shopping season.

"The New Year's 'cyber gift' for Russians: the IT Army has suspended the operation of payment terminals"
announced the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Affairs on its Telegram channel.

This volunteer organization, formed in February 2022, comprises hackers from Ukraine and various other countries, with a primary focus on combating cyber threats originating from Russia.

Evotor, identified as the primary victim of the cyber attack, is reportedly the largest provider of payment terminals and online cash registers in Russia. The ministry highlighted that since the onset of the attack, Russians have faced difficulties in making card payments across various establishments.

Russia. Hackers blocked payment terminals

"Attempts by Russians to pay for New Year's gifts using cashless payments end in failure", reported a Ukrainian news agency.

The widespread disruption has led to a significant collapse in the New Year's shopping frenzy, affecting the ability of Russians to use cards for transactions in shops, cafes, hairdressers, and other businesses utilizing payment terminals.

This incident is not the first instance of cyber actions associated with the Ukrainian government.

In August, hackers targeted the website of the Moscow Inventory Bureau, displaying information claiming the destruction of the database and the transfer of data, including addresses and properties of residents, officials, and military personnel, to the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Additionally, recent revelations by the Center for National Opposition include the theft of a letter from Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov, acknowledging a higher casualty count in the attack on the ship "Novocherkassk" than initially reported by Russian authorities.


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