Ukrainian Heroic Mission: Infiltrating Russian Territory to Neutralize Tu-22M3 Bombers

, 21:40, 24.01.2024
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Dive into the gripping account of Colonel Oleg Babia's reconnaissance group, embarking on a 600 km journey deep into Russian territory in August 2023

Ukrainian Heroic Mission: Infiltrating Russian Territory to Neutralize Tu-22M3 Bombers

Ukrainian Heroic Mission: Infiltrating Russian Territory to Neutralize Tu-22M3 Bombers

In August 2023, a Ukrainian reconnaissance group undertook a daring mission, covering a distance of 600 km deep into Russian territory to reach the military airport in Solots, located in the Novgorod Oblast. The objective of this operation was to target Tu-22M3 bombers.

According to a report from the Unian Agency, Colonel Oleg Babia, along with his companions, has been posthumously honored in the Ukrainian "Hall of Heroes" for their remarkable feat. The group successfully infiltrated Russian territory, reaching the Solots airport, where they destroyed one Tu-22M3 bomber and damaged two others.

Ukrainian intelligence elaborated on the impact of the operation, stating that it effectively destabilized the functioning of airports and long-range air bases in the region. Unfortunately, Colonel Babia's reconnaissance group encountered an ambush during their return to Ukrainian territory, leading to an unequal fight with Russian forces. As a result, Colonel Babia's final mission proved to be fatal.

They walked 600 kilometers. Ukraine revealed details of the attack

Tu-22M3 bombers in Russia

The Tu-22M3 bombers targeted in the operation are Russian aircraft designed for bomb and missile strikes against ground targets. Originating from the 1960s in the Soviet Union, the Tu-22M series succeeded the Tu-22 from the 1950s.

Manufactured by Tupolev, these bombers feature a dural structure, variable geometry airfoils (ranging from 20 to 65 degrees), and are powered by two NK-25 jet engines, each with a thrust of 140 kN (245 kN with afterburning). The Tu-22M3 has a maximum wingspan of approximately 45 m, a minimum wingspan slightly over 23 m, a length of 42.5 m, and a height of 11 m.

The empty weight of the Tu-22M3 is around 54 tons, with a take-off weight exceeding 124 tons. The aircraft can reach a maximum speed of 2.3 thousand km/h and cruises at 900 km/h. Operating at an altitude of 18 km, it has a range of up to 7,000 km.

The main armament is housed in one bomb bay and four suspended nodes, with an additional GSz-23 cannon located in the tail.

Towards the end of the previous year, Russia announced plans to upgrade all Tu-22M3s to the Tu-22M3M variant. These modifications include adapting the plane to carry the Ch-32 supersonic cruise missile and installing an air refueling rod in the nose, significantly enhancing the machine's range.

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