Ukrainian Forces Recapture Krasnohoriwka Near Donetsk

, 21:16, 01.03.2024
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In a morale boost, Ukrainian troops recapture the village of Krasnohoriwka from Russian forces. This comes after a period of Ukrainian setbacks in the east, including the loss of Avdiivka.

Ukrainian Forces Recapture Krasnohoriwka Near Donetsk

Ukrainian Forces Regain Control of Krasnohoriwka in Donetsk Oblast

Video footage shows Ukrainian troops fighting to retake the village of Krasnohoriwka in the Donetsk region.

The Third Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has liberated Krasnohoriwka in the Donetsk Oblast. This is the first Ukrainian success in the east since the loss of Avdiivka near Donetsk. The battle for Avdiivka lasted 10 years. The Russians lost more soldiers than the USSR lost in Afghanistan. The Ukrainians lost at least several hundred soldiers there, but the exact number will be known after the war. Dozens of people were taken prisoner by the Russians. The battle for Krasnohoriwka was shorter and is the first success of the Ukrainian army since the loss of Avdiivka.

The Impasse on the Front Continues

The Russians have a numerical advantage and control the skies over the Donbas. Ukraine is losing more villages. This does not change the situation radically, but it makes the Ukrainian forces retreat. Meter by meter, the Kremlin is trying to achieve its goal and occupy the entire Donetsk and Luhansk regions. After capturing Avdiivka near Donetsk, Putin's army moved forward and captured two more towns. Ukrainian soldiers withdrew from the small villages of Siewerne and Stepowe. "People count. We are fewer," they explained in the recordings.

The Third Assault Brigade liberated Krasnohoriwka in the Donetsk Oblast. These press reports were confirmed by the brigade command in a special statement. Krasnohoriwka is a small village, with a population of just over a thousand people before the war. The battle took place at a time when the Ukrainian side was running out of ammunition and the Russians had taken the initiative on the front. "After the loss of Avdiivka, this gives some hope. It's a small light in this dark tunnel," say Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the Donbas.

The Third Assault Brigade Recaptures Krasnohoriwka from the Russians

Russian troops attacked the southeastern part of Krasnohoriwka in a massive attack and entered the town. In order to prevent the enemy from gaining a foothold, units of the 3rd Assault Brigade conducted a military operation to eliminate the enemy forces.

In a short time, the enemy managed to prepare for a long defense and despite heavy fighting our assault groups of the brigade inflicted inevitable losses on the enemy.

Krasnohoriwka returned under the control of Ukrainian troops, who went on the defensive along the entire front line. The Ukrainians are carrying out small local assaults, but there is unlikely to be a major Ukrainian counteroffensive in the coming months. Kyiv is still waiting for F-16s and ammunition. Not all brigades are equipped with the necessary equipment, as the commanders say directly.

Footage from Krasnohorivka. What did the local battle near Donetsk look like?

Soldiers of the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade have published footage of the battle for Krasnohoriwka in the Donetsk Oblast.

Bypassing minefields, the brigade's units entered the town in armored vehicles and began to drive out the Russians, who refused to leave their positions. Street fighting began between the houses. We used weapons and several grenades. We were covered by tanks.

First Success After a Series of Defeats

Ukrainian forces are trying to repel Russian attacks to prevent them from advancing to the west. "The Russians will not enter Krasnohoriwka again," believes Maksym Zhorin, Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Deputy Commander of the Third Assault Brigade. He spoke about this in an interview with Channel 24.

The Russians have taken up positions near Krasnohoriwka. They are easier and better to hold. That is why it was very important to recapture them in order to regain some tactical advantage in the area.

The major stressed that the Ukrainian army is currently focused on destroying enemy equipment and fuel depots.

I believe that their potential will be exhausted when we destroy a critical number of troops for them. We are working on it.

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