Ukraine's Warning: Rising Tensions Over Kamikaze Drones and Covert Plans

, 21:01, 28.09.2023
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Explore the escalating tensions as Ukraine sends a stern warning to Iran over its cooperation with Russia in supplying kamikaze drones used in attacks on Ukrainian cities.

Ukraines Warning: Rising Tensions Over Kamikaze Drones and Covert Plans

Russia is attacking Ukraine with drones from Iran. It's time to end this

Ukrainian intelligence has issued a stern warning regarding Iran's cooperation with Russia in the supply of kamikaze drones used in attacks on Ukrainian cities, signaling that a reckoning may be on the horizon.

Several months ago, Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukrainian intelligence, had unequivocally stated that Iran would face severe consequences for furnishing Russia with kamikaze drones designed for assaults on Ukrainian cities, vowing to ensure the return of all such drones to Tehran. To date, approximately 600 Iranian-manufactured kamikaze drones have been deployed in these attacks.

Ukrainian Intelligence signals consequences for Iran's cooperation with Russia

Now, a clandestine Ukrainian plan has come to light, entailing a strike on Shahed kamikaze drone production facilities located in Russia, Iran, and Syria. Reportedly, a dossier on this operation was intended for transmission to the governments of G7 nations.

The consensus among analysts is that Kyrylo Budanov, the head of Ukraine's intelligence service, is resolute in his intentions. The operation, as revealed, hinges on one critical factor: the consent of Western countries to support the attack, albeit carried out by Ukrainian forces.

Swift developments: Tehran's drone facility on fire

However, events have unfolded swiftly, and it seems that the vision outlined by Ukrainian intelligence may already be in progress. On Thursday, September 28th, a substantial fire engulfed a Shahed kamikaze drone production facility in Tehran, rendering it unusable. Analysts are strongly inclined to attribute this incident to Ukrainian involvement.

Regrettably for Iran, this is only one among many such facilities scattered across the country. Furthermore, new kamikaze drone factories are under construction in Syria and Russia. The elimination of all Iranian drone production facilities is a formidable undertaking. Nevertheless, Kyrylo Budanov has asserted that the arm of Ukrainian justice knows no bounds and will dismantle any threats to Ukraine, wherever they may be.

Ukraine's ambitions extend beyond confronting Russia and Iran, as evidenced by the disclosure in the report submitted to G7 countries. It revealed that the Shahed-131 drone, boasting a flight range of 2,000 kilometers, incorporates a staggering 52 electronic components manufactured by Western companies. This revelation underscores the ineffectiveness of sanctions imposed on Russia.

Curiously, Ukrainian intelligence and special forces have expanded their sphere of influence beyond national borders. CNN reported their involvement in assisting the Sudanese government in neutralizing a significant contingent of Wagner group militants in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, through the deployment of kamikaze drones. The Ukrainian Armed Forces' expertise, honed in Bakhmut, is now being extended to support friendly nations in their fight against terrorism.


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