Ukraine's "peace formula": How Kyiv attracts allies for a shared vision of ending the war

, 21:02, 15.01.2024
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On January 14, Ukraine initiates talks on the final five points of President Zelensky's "peace formula" with over 80 countries in Davos. The plan, proposed in 2022, covers nuclear security.

Ukraines peace formula: How Kyiv attracts allies for a shared vision of ending the war


On January 14, on the eve of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Ukraine is set to initiate a meeting of national security and foreign policy advisers to discuss the progress of the "peace formula." The aim is to consider the final five points of President Zelensky's vision for peace in Ukraine, paving the way for the organization of the World Peace Summit involving heads of state. This ambitious peace plan seeks to attract international support and, notably, aims to bring Russia to the negotiation table, despite the apparent challenges.

How Ukraine promotes the Peace Formula

The "peace formula" comprises ten conditions for ending the war, initially proposed by President Zelensky in October 2022 during a meeting with G7 leaders. Currently endorsed by over 80 countries, the provisions cover radiological, nuclear, food, and energy security, the release of prisoners, adherence to the United Nations Charter, restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity, withdrawal of Russian troops, and cessation of hostilities.

Work on the "peace formula" began at the advisory level in June 2023 during a founding meeting in Copenhagen, which gathered representatives from a diverse group of countries. The subsequent meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, included China, a country known for its neutral stance on the conflict. Notably, Russia was not invited, signaling a shift in diplomatic dynamics.

In October 2023, diplomats from over 60 countries discussed the first five points of the formula during a meeting in Malta. The remaining five points are set to be deliberated on January 14 in Davos. President Zelensky envisions a World Peace Summit, where leaders, not just advisers, will discuss all aspects of the formula.

Ukraines peace formula: How Kyiv attracts allies

Global Peace Summit

President Zelensky announced Ukraine's intention to organize the World Peace Summit after final discussions on all formula points in Davos. However, the summit's date has been subject to postponement, partly influenced by the Israel-Hamas escalation, temporarily diverting attention from Ukraine's agenda. The summit's realization also depends on the resolution of the Middle East conflict.

Kurt Volker, former U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine, believes that a World Peace Summit makes sense post-Russian defeat on the battlefield. He argues that unity around the "peace formula" will be more achievable once the world moves beyond the current divided stance, where some nations feel a responsibility to help Ukraine, while others consider it not their concern.

Russian Federation's view on the Peace Formula:

Since October 2022, the Russian side has outright rejected President Zelensky's "peace formula". Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in September 2023, deemed the Ukrainian peace plan "completely impossible," advocating for decisions to be made "on the battlefield".

Vytautas Breweris, a political scientist, and editor-in-chief of the Lithuanian news agency ELTA, concurs that no peace formula can prevail until the Russian Federation faces military defeat. He emphasizes the necessity of forcing the Russian dictator out of Ukrainian territory for any real progress towards peace.

In conclusion, the article provides a comprehensive overview of Ukraine's peace initiative, highlighting the diplomatic efforts, challenges, and the crucial role of international support in achieving lasting peace.

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