Ukraine will soon get Abrams. There is an unofficial date

, 12:12, 01.09.2023
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According to "Politico", American Abrams tanks will soon go to Ukraine. The first 10 units can fight on the front in mid-September. Currently, the equipment is to undergo the last renovations.

Ukraine will soon get Abrams. There is an unofficial date

Ukraine will soon get Abrams

The Americans promised the Ukrainians 31 Abrams tanks. The first can be delivered to the front in the next two weeks. Politico cites anonymous Pentagon sources. According to the information, the tanks are currently undergoing the last renovations in Germany.

As soon as they are completed, the equipment is to be delivered to the Ukrainian army.

"The United States has committed to expediting the shipment of 31 tanks to Ukraine before the fall" a spokesman for the U.S. Army Europe and Africa Command told Politico. Martin O'Donnell, however, did not give specific dates.

Recently, the training of Ukrainian tankers, who learned how to operate the Abrams on training grounds in Germany, has been completed. About 200 soldiers took part in the exercises.

Ukraine will get Abrams tanks

The Ukrainians are to receive refurbished M1A1 tanks. Originally, President Joe Biden planned to give them 31 new machines, but Kiev agreed to older equipment. The change is due to the fact that used tanks can be delivered faster.

The decision to hand over the Abrams was made in January. On August 7, the Pentagon reported that the machines would arrive in Ukraine in early autumn.


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