Ukraine inflicts severe losses on russian forces: Over 359,000 eliminated

, 14:31, 31.12.2023
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In a relentless defense, Ukrainian forces have dealt a significant blow to Russian invaders, eliminating over 359,000 since the war's onset. Recent clashes saw 960 Russian fighters killed.

Ukraine inflicts severe losses on russian forces: Over 359,000 eliminated

Russian soldiers

Russia's losses in Ukraine are increasing day by day. Since the beginning of the war, Ukrainians have "eliminated" over 359,000 Russian invaders. In the last 24 hours alone, 960 fighters were killed. Ukrainian defenders also managed to deal another blow to the Russian military, destroying almost 20 enemy armored fighting vehicles within 24 hours.

A gift from the Ukrainian armed forces for Christmas

As reported, Russian losses during the war in Ukraine have crossed a new "red line." Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian soldiers have "eliminated" another 960 Russians. Thus, the number of Russian soldiers killed since the beginning of the war has increased to approximately 359,230, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine's report on Sunday. The military also stated that, over the last 24 hours, Russian invaders simultaneously attacked eight areas of the front, including the lines in Bakhmut and Avdiivka, resulting in a total of 54 combat clashes.

According to information provided by the Ukrainian military, another 17 Russian armored combat vehicles, eight tanks, 30 artillery systems, four multi-launch rocket launchers, and two anti-aircraft defense systems were also destroyed within 24 hours.

Russia also lost 37 operational and tactical drones, one cruise missile, eight special equipment units, and 48 various cars and tankers.

"Ukrainian soldiers are putting up fierce resistance to the enemy. Russia has suffered huge losses on Ukrainian soil"

On Saturday, the Ukrainian military reported approximately 358,270 occupiers killed. Foreign services also report that Russia is suffering gigantic losses in the war in Ukraine. "If the number of victims remains at the current level, by 2025, Russia will have over half a million dead and wounded within three years of war. For comparison, in the nine-year Soviet-Afghan war, the Soviet Union suffered 70,000 casualties," the British intelligence services wrote.

As noted, compared to 2022, the number of Russians who died or were wounded on the front in Ukraine increased by about 300. This is to prove the deteriorating condition of the Russian army, as well as increased expenditure on the number, not training, of military personnel.

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