Ukraine Independence Day 2023: What celebrations are planned and will there be an extra day off this year?

, 17:57, 22.08.2023
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Independence Day in Ukraine will be celebrated on Thursday, August 24. For the second year in a row, the holiday has its origins in wartime conditions. Therefore, no major events are planned.

Ukraine Independence Day 2023: What celebrations are planned and will there be an extra day off this year?

The Mood of Ukraine's Independence Day

In the pre-war period, a parade of military equipment, a concert, and a number of cultural and entertainment events took place in the Ukrainian capital on the occasion of Independence Day. In the conditions of war, for security reasons, no large celebrations are planned. However, the Kyiv Military Administration said that some events would still take place.

“For security reasons, large mass events will not be organized. However, there are plenty of opportunities to spend your free time during these holidays. Most of them will be very useful and educational. Kyiv's residents and guests of the city will be able to choose what to visit according to their taste”, the message reads.

Independence Day of Ukraine-2023: what events to visit in Kyiv?

On August 22-24, almost every cultural and educational institution in the capital prepares its own special holiday program for visitors: exhibitions, concerts, fairs, etc. We present a few of them:

  • ceremonial raising of the state flag;
  • providing passports to young men and women;
  • an exhibition of samples of weapons and damaged military equipment of the aggressor;
  • performances by children's artistic groups;
  • start of distribution of the film "Dovbush" in cinemas;
  • a charity screening of the film "Independence Day";
  • Ukrainian-Italian project "Towels of Unity";
  • the information street campaign “Ukraine in everyone's heart”;
  • cultural and religious initiative "Field of Glory" for the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States;
  • a charity football match with the rock bands "Kozak System" and "Zhadan and Dogs";
  • setting a national record - the largest camouflage net;
  • special photo zones.

Despite the celebrations, KMVA reminds that the war in Ukraine continues and the enemy may intensify its attacks on the eve and on the day of the holiday. Therefore, during air alerts, you should follow the safety rules and go to a shelter.

Ukraine Independence Day 2023: What celebrations are planned

Will there be a day off on Independence Day?

Independence Day is a public holiday, so it should be a day off from work. However, due to the imposition of martial law in Ukraine, there are no additional holidays and non-working days. At the same time, the employer determines the work schedule and rest time. In practice, this means that each manager must decide for himself whether to take the day off or not.

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