Ukraine has almost completed the renovation of energy systems and is ready for the heating season - the head of "Ukrenergo"

, 20:22, 13.09.2023
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Ukrenergo CEO Volodymyr Kudrytsky said Ukraine has almost finished repairing its energy systems after Russian airstrikes on energy infrastructure last winter and is ready for theheating season.

Ukraine has almost completed the renovation of energy systems and is ready for the heating season - the head of Ukrenergo

Chairman of the board of "Ukrenergo" Volodymyr Kudrytskyi

Volodymyr Kudrycki said this on the telethon of "Edyne Novyny". He noted that the main power grids are ready for winter.

“I am confident that the main grid will be ready to transmit the required amount of electricity during the winter period. In fact, we have already installed almost all the equipment that we planned to prepare for the winter," Kudrytskyi said.

He noted that there is a high risk of new attacks by the Russian Federation on Ukraine's energy system this winter, but currently Ukrainian air defense is much stronger.

"We know what it looks like and it will be very difficult for the enemy to surprise us after the 1,200 missiles he fired last season," Kudrycki said.

The head of "Ukrenergo" also noted that currently energy companies traditionally update the lists of customers who may be cut off in an emergency situation. In particular, these lists may now include those critical infrastructure facilities that have autonomous power sources installed.

Kudrycki said that Ukraine currently has enough electricity, which is produced in domestic power plants. According to his forecast, in the absence of shelling of energy facilities, power outages in September-October will not be necessary. He added that at the same time, in winter, the Ukrainian energy system will need imported electricity.

The Ministry of Energy previously denied information about power outages in Ukraine scheduled from October 1. Outage schedules will only apply in the event of shelling and damage to the power system.

What is the situation with the reconstruction of Ukraine's energy system

In the fall of 2022, Russia began regularly shelling Ukrainian energy infrastructure. After massive shelling by Russian troops on November 23, "invincibility points" began to be placed in Ukraine.

"Invincibility points" are places where, in the event of a long-term power outage due to shelling, you can charge mobile devices, warm yourself and drink hot drinks. The points can be found on the online map.

International organizations and national governments sent generators and other assistance to Ukraine to restore electricity supplies. On December 13, the first energy conference "Ramstein" took place in Paris, where, among others, $1 billion for Ukraine to survive the winter.

After massive shelling on December 16, Ukraine introduced a state of emergency in the energy sector. In December, half of Ukraine's energy system was disabled by Russian shelling.

In October 2022, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced that in 2023 Ukraine would need another $17 billion for the rapid reconstruction of energy, critical and housing infrastructure and economic recovery.

On July 25, Shmygal reported that in Ukraine, in preparation for winter, approximately 60% of the planned work on the reconstruction of power grids damaged during massive attacks by the Russian Federation had already been completed.

On July 30, the Prime Minister announced that the state has funds for the reconstruction, renovation and protection of energy facilities and it is important that all planned activities are implemented on time. He emphasized that before the heating season begins, the Ministry of Energy has a clear task - to add 1.7 GW of power to the power system. By the end of the year, in November-December, another 1.2 GW will be added to the system. Renovations and security of energy facilities are underway.

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