Ukraine fired by missiles from North Korea. The Russians are looking for new suppliers

, 23:06, 04.01.2024
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Recent attacks on Ukrainian cities reveal Russian use of ballistic missiles supplied by North Korea, marking the first known instance of such equipment from North Korean warehouses

Ukraine fired by missiles from North Korea. The Russians are looking for new suppliers

In the recent indiscriminate shelling of Ukrainian cities, Russian troops utilized ballistic missiles provided by North Korea. According to experts, the report by The Washington Post marks the first instance in which equipment from North Korean army warehouses has been used.

Analysts, citing two anonymous American officials, have determined that Pyongyang recently delivered launchers and several dozen combat missiles to Russia. Equipment dating back to the Soviet Union was employed in late December and early January to target critical infrastructure in Ukraine.

The White House confirms. Russia buys missiles from North Korea and Iran

As highlighted, reports confirming Kim Jong Un's increasing support for Moscow's military efforts have surfaced. Furthermore, the leader of North Korea himself openly discusses the prospect of enhancing supplies to the Russian Federation.

A US official stated, 'Russia is becoming increasingly isolated on the world stage and is forced to seek military equipment from like-minded countries.'

The White House has corroborated this information. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirmed the details presented by The Washington Post.

A US official admitted that, according to US intelligence, the first missiles were used on December 30, landing in an open field in the Zaporizhia Oblast. The subsequent launches were scheduled for January 2, but the target location in this case has not been disclosed.

John Kirby also revealed confirmed information about close contacts between the Russian military and representatives of Iran. The Russian Federation has long been a recipient of "Shached" drones, and there are ongoing plans for the acquisition of ballistic missiles.

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