Ukraine destroyed 12% of Russia's oil refining capacity in two days - Bloomberg

, 21:16, 13.03.2024
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Ukrainian drone strikes target key oil refineries in Russia, causing fires and halting production. Reports claim 12% of Russia's refining capacity is impacted.

Ukraine destroyed 12% of Russias oil refining capacity in two days - Bloomberg

Ukraine attacks russian oil refineries with drones, disrupting production

Ukraine has shown that it is determined to oppose Russia by striking the largest Russian oil refinery with drones. This has led to fires and a halt in oil production in the Russian Federation. 12% of oil refining capacity in the Russian Federation has already been destroyed. Russian officials have also accused Ukraine of interfering in the elections, pointing to attempts to destroy it and stop the production of oil products.

According to Bloomberg, one of the attacks caused a fire at the oil refinery in Ryazan, the extent of which is not yet known. The governor of the region confirmed that the fire was caused by a drone strike, but the details of the damage are not yet known. The attacks have also halted production at other oil refineries in Russia. Overall, according to the publication, Ukraine has destroyed 12% of Russia's oil refining capacity in two days.

Since the beginning of this year, Ukraine has been using unmanned aerial vehicles to attack important Russian oil facilities from the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea. In February, almost one-fifth of the country's refining capacity was destroyed as a result of the attacks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine of trying to interfere in the elections and undermine his power. According to him, Ukraine's actions have led to the shutdown of three refineries in Russia. However, Ukrainian officials believe that their actions are aimed at protecting their country and making it difficult for the Russian military to operate. In connection with these events, the Russian military department reported the interception and downing of drones in various territories of the country.

The Russian Federation also announced that the attacks by Ukrainian drones are causing serious concern to the Russian government, as they are leading to losses and threatening the economic stability of the country.

Ukraine destroyed 12% of Russias oil refining capacity in two days

At the same time, the publication recalls that Putin needs security guarantees in order to participate in negotiations on the war in Ukraine. In an interview with the RIA news agency, the Russian president said that Russia will insist on security guarantees in the event of negotiations to end the war in Ukraine. He stressed that the security of the country is a priority for Russia and that any agreements should be based on this principle.

Asked about the possibility of reaching a "fair deal" with the West, Putin said that he does not trust anyone, but Russia needs security guarantees. The Ukrainian government rejects any agreements that include territorial concessions to Russia, seeing them as a reward for aggression.

Putin also rejected the idea of using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, stressing that it was never his plan. He called on other countries to understand that Russia will respond to any actions that threaten its security, and again recalled the existence of "red lines" for Russia.

Details of the drone attack on the Russian oil refinery

On the night of Wednesday, March 13, drones attacked the Voronezh, Kursk, Belgorod, Bryansk, Leningrad and Lipetsk regions of Russia, as well as the oil refinery in Ryazan, where a serious fire broke out. This was reported by the authorities of these regions and Russian Telegram channels.

According to public information, the Ryazannefteprodukt plant was attacked by four drones. They tried to shoot them down with small arms, but the drones hit the refinery, causing a fire. It should be noted that the distance from Ukraine to Ryazan is 500 km.

Ukraine destroyed 12% of Russias oil refining capacity in two days

On the night of March 13, drones also attacked the Voronezh, Kursk, and Belgorod regions of Russia. The air defense worked. In the Belgorod region, material damage was recorded as a result of the attack: a fire in a private household and destruction of industrial facilities and residential buildings, there are casualties.

On the morning of March 12, a drone targeted the oil refinery at the Lukoil refinery in Kstovo, Nizhny Novgorod. As a result, there was an explosion and a fire on the territory of the plant. Thanks to the help of a special fire train, the fire was extinguished within a few hours. The oil refining process was stopped due to the fire.

On Wednesday, March 13, the second largest Russian oil concern announced the sudden death of Vice President Vitaly Robertus. He died at the age of 53. The cause of his death is unknown, but according to Ukrainian media, Robertus may have been killed after a drone attack on an oil refinery in the Nizhny Novgorod region of the Russian Federation.

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