Ukraine begins the evacuation of the population in the region of the hub city

, 18:45, 10.08.2023
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Ukrainian authorities have announced that they are starting a forced evacuation of residents in the north of the country. It's about the Kupiansk region.

Ukraine begins the evacuation of the population in the region of the hub city

A worrying situation in the Kharkiv region. The authorities announced the evacuation of Kupiansk

Due to the intensifying shelling of Russian troops in Ukraine, the evacuation of 37 settlements in the Kupiansk region of the Kharkiv region has begun. This is an area where the Russians have concentrated large forces and have been trying to act offensively for several weeks.

Evacuation in the Kupyansk region

"The mandatory evacuation of the population in the unoccupied territories of the Kupiansk region of the Kharkiv region begins. This order was signed on August 9 by the acting head of the military administration of the Kupa region, Andriy Kanashevich", the military administration of the city of Kupiansk announced on Thursday.

Residents of housing estates located near the combat zone are to leave their place of residence. It's about 11 000 people.

The situation has therefore probably deteriorated. On Monday, Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Hanny Maljar reported that over the past week the Ukrainian army was able to stop the Russian advance in several directions of the eastern front.

Recall that Kupiansk was occupied by Russian troops in the first phase of the invasion and recaptured by Ukrainian forces in September 2022.

War in Ukraine. Evacuation of people in Kupiansk

Positional warfare in Ukraine

At the beginning of June, the operational offensive operations of the Ukrainian army, known as the counter-offensive, began.

After some time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky admitted, however, that the progress of the counter-offensive was not going as expected, and it is worth remembering that in Ukraine, gigantic expectations came rather from the media, while the Ukrainian military tried to tone down the mood.

At present, the Ukrainians are conducting attacks, but they are moving slowly, and rather where they are able to weaken the Russian positions with artillery fire. The aim of such tactics is naturally to minimize losses in people and equipment.


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