Tragic shelling of Odesa: 14 dead, over 46 injured, including rescuers and doctors

, 19:28, 15.03.2024
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Russia launched two missile strikes on Odesa, resulting in 14 deaths and over 46 injuries, including rescuers and doctors. The attack damaged homes, a gas station, and rescue vehicles.

Tragic shelling of Odesa: 14 dead, over 46 injured, including rescuers and doctors

Russia launched two missile strikes on Odesa

On Friday afternoon, Russia launched two missile attacks on Odesa. Ukrainian authorities initially reported the death of a medical rescuer and an emergency worker who responded to the first explosion. This number tragically rose to 14 fatalities later.

Russian military forces frequently target Odesa, primarily utilizing assault drones and missiles. On March 15th, another missile attack struck the city.

At 11:04 AM, an air raid warning concerning incoming missiles towards Odesa was issued, followed by reports of a ballistic missile threat in the south.

Among the dead: rescuers and medical personnel

Russia's attack tragically claimed the lives of 14 people in Odesa, including emergency responders who arrived at the scene following the initial explosion. Ukrainian authorities report that medics and rescuers are also among the seriously injured.

Oleh Kiper, head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, reported on Telegram: "Fourteen people, including Odesa residents, a doctor, and a rescuer, perished due to the Russian missile attack. Forty-six individuals were injured, including seven State Emergency Service personnel. All necessary aid is being provided to the injured. Relevant services are addressing the consequences of the enemy's attack, and officials are documenting this latest atrocity committed by the Russians".

The strike also resulted in damage to:

  • 10 private houses
  • A gas station
  • A low-pressure gas pipeline
  • Two firefighting and rescue vehicles

Firefighters are currently battling a blaze in a private house spanning roughly 120 square meters and extinguishing the gas pipeline fire, as reported by the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army is fortifying defenses in specific areas of the eastern front. General Oleksandr Syrskyi, the Chief Commander of the Ukrainian army, acknowledged the growing threat of Russian forces making significant advances. He admitted the challenging situation on the eastern front, where Russian troops are concentrating their efforts around the towns of Terny, Iwaniwske, Berdyczi, and Tonenke in Donetsk Oblast, as well as Werbowe and Robotyne in Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) warn that delays in US military aid could lead to ammunition and equipment shortages for Ukraine, potentially weakening their defensive lines. These vulnerabilities might encourage the Russian army to launch a sudden and unexpected attack.

The ISW further suggests that Ukrainian forces are likely prioritizing ammunition distribution to areas facing the most significant Russian offensive actions to mitigate these shortages.

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