Ticket prices for the train from Kyiv to Warsaw will increase significantly. When to expect price changes?

, 20:06, 05.12.2023
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Ukrzaliznytsia, the Ukrainian railway company, has announced a significant increase in ticket prices for international travel, particularly to Warsaw, with a 70% surge.

Ticket prices for the train from Kyiv to Warsaw will increase significantly. When to expect price changes?


Ukrzaliznytsia announced an increase in ticket prices for transporting people abroad. A travel document to Warsaw will cost 70% more than currently. Depending on the seat class, the fare will increase for trains to Budapest (Hungary) and Chisinau (Moldova). Due to the change in tariffs, they want to continue modernizing the rolling stock.

From December 10, Ukrzaliznytsia will reduce discounts and changes ticket prices on some international travels. One of the reasons is the desire to keep the costs of travel documents within the country at the current level. The strongest price increase will affect passengers of the most popular foreign connection Kyiv - Warsaw.

The company itself announced this. It is noted that they also want to continue the modernization of rolling stock due to tariff changes and the reduction of discounts.

In previous years, to attract passenger traffic, Ukrzaliznytsia used discounts on virtually all international passenger flights. Now, however, the company is rethinking this decision, as losses in passenger transport amount to over UAH 12 billion per year. The change in tariffs will allow Ukrzaliznytsia to maintain the current level of ticket prices for connections within the country, as well as continue the modernization of the rolling stock, which is actively carried out even during the period of large-scale invasion

the statement says.

Ticket prices to Warsaw will increase significantly

According to the company, the price of tickets for the Kyiv-Warsaw-Kyiv train will increase by 72%. However, it is emphasized that “cheaper alternative options” will be available in this direction.

In addition, rates for socially important suburban transport are not currently being increased. This segment of rail transport remains the cheapest for Ukrainians and the most profitable for Ukrzaliznytsia. The company will also continue to organize free evacuation travels from border areas.

A new train from Ukraine to abroad will be launched

At the beginning of 2024, a new train from Prague (Czech Republic) to Ukraine will be launched. However, the connection will be operated not only by Ukrzaliznytsia (UZ), but also by the Czech private railway operator RegioJet, which is also the largest private operator in all of Europe.

In the Czech Republic, the train will consist of three carriages with 140 seats, including 80 seats and 60 seats.


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