This photo of Zelensky quickly circulated the Internet. "A symbol of Ukraine's loneliness during the NATO summit". Are you sure?

, 20:09, 12.07.2023
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A photo of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky standing alone in a crowd of representatives of NATO member states quickly circulated the Internet and aroused great emotions.

This photo of Zelensky quickly circulated the Internet. A symbol of Ukraines loneliness during the NATO summit. Are you sure?

Some Internet users point out that the photo is a symbolic dimension illustrating the decisions made by the allies regarding Ukraine

Wednesday is the second day of the NATO summit, where representatives of the member states discuss the future and plans of the alliance for the coming years. Pictures of the talks of the heads of state during the ongoing NATO summit in Vilnius have appeared on the web. In the photographs, we can see a smiling Ukrainian presidential couple. All photos can be viewed in the photo gallery at the top of the article. However, one particular shot caught the public's attention in particular. The photo quickly circulated the Internet and was hailed as a symbol of this year's NATO summit.

“One accidental photo and immediately the scandal that Zelensky is isolated at the NATO summit. One of the journalists present on the site writes that no isolation is visible.” “Or maybe just such a shot? Doing the whole story into one frame may be applauded, but is it fair?”

"Yesterday there was an inba that President Duda is at the head of a hussar unit in the video. Today there is an inba that in a random photo from the NATO summit, President Zelensky is standing next to his wife. A large cake is being cut, and we are analyzing the color of napkins".

NATO Summit in Vilnius. Andrzej Duda: The decisions taken regarding the invitation of Ukraine to the Alliance are absolutely insufficient

Let us recall that on Tuesday a certain provision of the final declaration of the summit regarding Ukraine's membership in the Alliance was announced. It states that NATO will invite Ukraine to join “when conditions permit”. This means that there is no time frame for Ukraine's entry into NATO, as demanded by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Ukraine, on the other hand, will receive advisory and financial assistance for long-term transformations in the army. In addition, NATO has abolished the requirements it had imposed on Ukraine in 2008 on its way to membership. This means shortening lengthy procedures.

Andrzej Duda described the declaration regarding the invitation of Ukraine to NATO as “absolutely insufficient”. “I hope that in a few years, Ukraine will be a full member of our Alliance,” the president added.

— I think this path is now clear, it has been taken. Unity is needed for a decision to be taken in NATO. There is no way for us to discuss Ukraine's full NATO membership right now. We can decide to make him a member of the Alliance in principle. We cannot decide that it will happen tomorrow. During the war, this is impossible – said president of Poland Andrzej Duda.

A slightly more positive tone was also conveyed at the summit. During the meeting, the acting Minister of Defense of Denmark, Troels Lund Poulsen, announced that in August this year, training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16 aircraft will begin in Denmark. The training, conducted by a group of 11 countries, is to take place in further stages in Romania. The group is led by Denmark and the Netherlands.

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