The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Polish ambassador

, 15:15, 01.08.2023
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine summoned the Polish ambassador to Ukraine, Bartosz Cichocki. It is about the statement of the Minister of the Chancellery of the President of Poland...

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Polish ambassador

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summons the Polish ambassador. It's about "Ukrainian ingratitude"

According to the spokesman of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oleh Nikolenko was summoned to the Ministry's headquarters on August 1. The reason is supposed to be the statements of the head of the Bureau of International Policy in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland.

- Politics should not question mutual understanding and the strength of the relationship between our nations. No declarations will prevent us from working together for peace and building a common European future, Nikolenko said, quoted by Ukrinform.

Przydacz: It is worth for Ukraine to start appreciating the role of Poland

On September 15, the ban on imports of four agricultural products from Ukraine ends. Its extension is demanded by Poland and four other EU countries - Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.

The Polish government announces that if Brussels does not extend the ban, Warsaw will close the border for these products.

Przydacz took his position on this matter.

- What is most important today is the defense of the interest of the Polish farmer. We are in harvest time. Polish grain must be harvested, stored and distributed at an appropriate, decent price, he argued.

Later, there were words that were to be the reason for the visit of the Polish ambassador to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- When it comes to Ukraine, Ukraine really got a lot of support from Poland. I think it would be worthwhile for her to start appreciating the role that Poland has played for Ukraine in recent months and years. Hence, such and no other decisions when it comes to border protection, said the presidential minister.

Deputy head of Zelensky's office: Tantamount to treason

Andriy Sybiha, Deputy Head of the Chancellery of the President of Ukraine, referred to Minister Przydacz's words. In a Facebook entry, he expressed the opinion that his compatriots are dying at the front also in defense of other countries in the region, including Poland.

"Ukrainians today give their lives, also for their Polish friends. This is the highest degree of gratitude and it is very unfortunate that some politicians deliberately do not notice this, demanding something even higher from Ukraine. Consciously or unconsciously, they become a tool of the Russian aggressor. They choose the side of evil" - he stated.

"Polish weapons in the hands of the Ukrainian army effectively deter the Russian aggressor. And supporting us with weapons is not charity, but an investment in Poland's own security," he wrote.

Sybiha argued that "Ukrainians give their lives for their Polish friends."

In his opinion, the desire to "bargain" something from Ukraine, when it is in a state of war, "is tantamount to treason, for which there should be no place in our relations."


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