"The Times": NATO should prepare for Russian missile attacks in Europe

, 21:50, 30.01.2024
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Amidst Russia's focus on Ukraine, NATO is on high alert for possible conflicts with European countries, according to The Times. General Sollfrank urges NATO to streamline troop movements.

The Times: NATO should prepare for Russian missile attacks in Europe

NATO prepares for potential Russian aggression

"While Russia's attention is currently focused on Ukraine, Europe is concerned about Moscow's ability to launch a new conflict against NATO countries. In this regard, the Alliance's military command warns that it must prepare for possible Russian attacks on targets across Europe. The Alliance realizes that the time to prepare for the future confrontation is limited", writes The Times, citing the opinion of General Sollfrank.

Western countries are already afraid that Russia may violate the security of European countries. As a result, NATO will have to prepare for possible attacks by the aggressor on targets, for example in Germany, when Moscow's war against the Alliance has already begun. This information was reported by The Times.

According to Lieutenant General Alexander Sollfrank, commander of the NATO Military Logistics Center in Germany, the North Atlantic Alliance should simplify bureaucratic procedures to make the movement of troops and equipment even easier.

NATO generals call for the creation of something like a “military Schengen”

According to the general, NATO members should be able to use each other's equipment and supplies in times of crisis.

"If we compare this war with the operations conducted ten or five years ago, we realize that we must recognize that there will be a fierce fight for the rear areas", said Sollfrank.

Political expert Oleksandr Antoniuk explains what kinetic force is on the battlefield. According to the expert, “kinetic force” in a military context refers to the use of direct physical force, such as military equipment, military personnel, and other means, to achieve military objectives. Kinetic force is often associated with open warfare, such as combat operations on the ground, in the air, or at sea.

Non-kinetic force refers to forces that, despite their presence, do not achieve desired strategic or tactical objectives. This may be due to a variety of reasons such as inadequate training, poor use of resources, or inability to adapt to changing battlefield conditions, explains the expert.

NATO prepares for potential Russian aggression

Thus, “kinetic and non-kinetic force” refer to the use of physical force without achieving military objectives due to deficiencies in strategic planning, tactical planning, or lack of military effectiveness.

How much time does NATO have?

As “The Times” writes, citing its own sources, NATO is convinced that the time to strengthen its defense is limited. It hopes that member states will still be able to agree on a "military Schengen" system before the summit in Washington, thanks to which military convoys will be able to move freely through the bloc.

As a reminder, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have agreed to establish a common Baltic defense zone on their eastern borders with Russia and Belarus to deter and protect against military threats. "Bild" recently wrote, referring to a secret Bundeswehr document, about a possible war between Russia and NATO member states.

In a secret document referred to by German Bild and its Russian-language counterpart, the German Ministry of Defense describes in detail a possible conflict between Russia and NATO.

Its culmination is the deployment of NATO troops on the eastern flank and the outbreak of war in the summer of 2025. Bild describes the scenario from the documentary, but for security reasons, it does not provide all information about the number and movement of troops.

NATO prepares for potential Russian aggression

Is NATO at risk of an attack by Russia?

Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski also emphasized that "NATO member states should prepare for a possible Russian invasion." "The Washington Post" warns that the Kremlin is optimistic and confident that it will be able to effectively oppose the West by establishing closer economic and diplomatic relations with China and the countries of the global South.

At the same time, The Telegraph noted that the Russians are talking about mobilizing their defense industry over the next three years, which means they want to wage war for at least three to four years. If the West fails to act, Ukraine risks losing the war, and there are worrying signs that Russian troops will go further in this case.


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