The sinking of the cruiser "Moscow". The son of the commander of the Black Sea Fleet division was killed on board

, 19:05, 28.07.2022
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Valery Krivorog, son of the commander of the Black Sea Fleet, died on the ship "Moscow" sunk by the Ukrainian missile fire - reported "Agencija" on the Telegram website.

The sinking of the cruiser Moscow. The son of the commander of the Black Sea Fleet division was killed on board

Valery Krivorog

Krivorog served on the cruiser "Moscow" with the rank of captain-lieutenant. The father of the 37-year-old - Rear Admiral Oleg Krivorog - commands the 30th surface ships division of the Black Sea Fleet, which until recently also included the flagship of the fleet sunk on April 13.

Journalists of "Agencija", citing their own sources, checked the activity of Krivorog's son on VKontakte, a social networking site popular in Russia. It turned out that he last logged there on April 9, five days before the Ukrainian forces attack the cruiser.

"The press service of the Black Sea Fleet did not want to answer the Agency's question and hung up. Until publication, we did not receive an answer," the editors said.

Rear admiral's son died on board "Moscow"

Valery Krivorog is officially considered missing. His body has not been found, and there is no information about his death by the Russians. The Kremlin confessed to the death of only one of the crew. The Ministry of Defense considers 27 of its members missing and almost 400 sailors have been evacuated.

The cruiser "Moscow" was hit by Ukrainian Neptune maneuvering missiles on April 13, and sank after being towed to the port for repair. Initially, the Russian defense ministry did not confirm these reports, but on April 14 it released information about an ammunition explosion on board. The ship was supposed to go down only during a storm.

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