The Russians have already fired more than 6,500 missiles over Ukraine, the president said

, 16:04, 20.08.2023
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Since the commencement of the full-scale invasion by the Russian Federation on February 24, 2022, Ukraine has endured a relentless barrage of firepower.

The Russians have already fired more than 6,500 missiles over Ukraine, the president said

President Volodymyr Zelensky

President Volodymyr Zelensky recently shed light on the harrowing statistics of this ongoing conflict during a joint press conference with Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands. In this article, we will delve into the shocking figures and the devastating impact of this sustained assault on Ukraine.

The Russians have already fired more than 6,500 missiles over Ukraine

Missile attacks: Over 6,500 and Counting

The numbers are staggering. More than 6 500 missiles have been launched into Ukrainian territory since the invasion began. These missiles, with their destructive potential, have become synonymous with the relentless onslaught faced by the Ukrainian people. From cities to towns, the barrage of missiles has left no corner of the nation untouched.

Not only have missiles been raining down on Ukraine, but the Russian forces have also used over 3 500 drones in their attacks. Among these unmanned aerial vehicles are the Iranian Shahed drones, adding a new dimension to the conflict. These drones have not only been used for surveillance but also for conducting targeted strikes, further escalating the intensity of the conflict.

One particularly disturbing aspect of this conflict is the deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure. President Zelensky emphasized that the vast majority of these missile strikes have been directed towards civilian, rather than military, targets. This tactic has resulted in widespread destruction, loss of life, and untold suffering among innocent Ukrainian civilians.

The Russians have already fired more than 6,500 missiles over Ukraine

Zelensky's visit to the Netherlands

In the midst of this crisis, President Zelensky expressed his gratitude to the Netherlands for their invaluable support. Specifically, he acknowledged the provision of missile defense systems by the Netherlands. These systems have played a crucial role in safeguarding Ukrainian airspace, ultimately saving lives and protecting cities and towns across the nation.

During the press conference, President Zelensky and Prime Minister Rutte discussed the dire situation on the battlefield. Zelensky took a moment to reflect on a recent tragedy—a Russian terrorist attack in Chernihiv, which claimed the lives of seven people, including a child, and left 148 others injured. This somber incident serves as a stark reminder of the relentless brutality faced by Ukraine on a daily basis.

As the conflict in Ukraine continues to unfold, the statistics presented by President Zelensky paint a grim picture. The sheer volume of missiles and drones launched by the Russian Federation, coupled with the intentional targeting of civilian infrastructure, highlights the severity of the crisis.

The support of nations like the Netherlands in providing crucial defense systems is a lifeline for Ukraine as it seeks to defend itself against this relentless aggression. The international community watches with bated breath as Ukraine remains a nation under siege, hoping for a resolution that can bring an end to this devastating conflict.

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