The Russians bombed occupied Nova Kakhovka. They hit a housing estate

, 16:54, 15.09.2023
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Russian troops dropped an air bomb on a residential area in Nova Kachovka. The town, located in the Kherson Oblast, has been occupied by Russian soldiers almost from the first days of the war.

The Russians bombed occupied Nova Kakhovka. They hit a housing estate

The Russians bombed Nova Kakhovka

The information that a bomb was dropped on a residential estate was confirmed by the Ukrainian mayor, Volodymyr Kovalenko. In a conversation with Suspilne, he informed that residents had seen Russian planes flying over the city moments earlier.

- Currently, the block where the shots were fired has been taken over by the Russian occupiers. They walk around apartments and look at the consequences, he said.

According to reports from sources in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a KAB (corrected air bomb - ed.) fell on the building. It was dropped by a Su-34 plane. Most likely, the target place it was supposed to hit was the right bank of the Dnieper, where the Ukrainian units are located.

According to initial reports, at least one person was killed and three were injured. The Russian occupation authorities reported that 12 civilians were injured.

Natalia Humeniuk: They will blame the Ukrainians

During the press briefing, Natalia Humeniuk, head of the press center of the Southern Security and Defense forces, commented on the shelling of the city and provided the latest information that had been obtained.

- In an attempt to carry out another raid on the Beryslav region using guided bombs, the Russian occupiers dropped one of the anti-aircraft missiles on Nova Kakhovka in a residential area. They damaged several buildings. According to preliminary information, there are victims, she said.

- They are already trying to develop the story that it was done by the Ukrainian Defense Forces, but everything is recorded. It was not the first time that the occupiers had dropped air bombs in this way, he added.

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