The Council adopted a draft law on the use of English in Ukraine

, 14:33, 26.11.2023
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In the first reading, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft law on the use of the English language in Ukraine. It should regulate the specificity of using English at work, and public places.

The Council adopted a draft law on the use of English in Ukraine

The Council adopted the draft law

On November 22, the Verkhovna Rada supported the draft law on the use of English in Ukraine. 278 parliamentarians voted for the project. People's MP Yaroslav Zheleznyak from the "Golos" parliamentary faction announced this in his Telegram.

The Commission's decision excluded the standard of showing English-language films in the original language with Ukrainian subtitles in cinemas.

- Zheleznyak noted.

He added that dubbing supporters can sleep soundly.

In what areas will English be compulsory in Ukraine?

Draft Law No. 9432 proposes to officially establish the status of English as one of the languages ​​of international communication in Ukraine.

The document contains a list of positions for which citizens are required to know English. These include: "A" category civil servants; "B" and "B" category civil servants, the list of which is established by the government; heads of local state administration bodies, deputies; soldiers of the officer corps performing military service under contract; middle- and senior-level police officers of the National Police of Ukraine, representatives of senior staff of other law enforcement agencies and senior employees of the civil protection service, the list of which is established by the government; prosecutors; employees of tax and customs authorities, the list of which is established by the government; heads of economic entities of the state economic sector, the list of which is established by the government.

In addition, the requirement for knowledge of English may be imposed by the subject of the appointment of candidates for positions in local government bodies, with the exception of elected positions whose main official duties are to perform international cooperation functions.

The bill proposes to increase the level of English language skills of Ukrainian citizens, namely:

  • ensuring the compulsory use of English in the educational process for children of early school, junior high and high school age in preschool institutions;
  • ensuring compulsory English language learning for older preschool children in preschool education institutions;
  • compulsory learning of English (as a first or second foreign language) in general schools, vocational schools and universities.

According to the proposal of the draft act, in all types of passenger transport, i.e. at railway stations, bus stations, airports, sea and river ports, information, notices, announcements, and inscriptions about transport services should be posted in English next to the state language.

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