'The clock is ticking': Biden urged Congress to immediately approve aid to Ukraine

, 23:00, 06.02.2024
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US President Joe Biden urged Congress to swiftly support a bill aiding Ukraine and send it to him for signing. He warned that failure to do so would be attributed to Donald Trump and the Republicans.

The clock is ticking: Biden urged Congress to immediately approve aid to Ukraine

Joe Biden announced that he would veto the aid bill for Israel, bypassing Ukraine

US President Joe Biden called on Congress to promptly support the bill for assistance to Ukraine and send it to him for signature. According to dniprotoday reports, Biden made this statement during a press conference on Tuesday, February 6.

"I urge Congress to pass this bill and place it on my desk immediately. But if this bill fails, I want to be crystal clear: the American people will understand why it failed" he stated.

Biden stressed that if Congress does not endorse the bill, all US voters will recognize that at the precise moment when the authorities aimed to secure the borders and fund support for Ukraine, Donald Trump and the Republicans opposed it.

"They are afraid of Trump. They are afraid of Trump. Every day until November, Americans will be aware that the only reason the borders are not secure is because of Trump and his Republican allies at Mag. It's time for the Republican Congress to be courageous and let the American people know that you work for them, not someone else", he asserted.

Simultaneously, the American leader emphasized that without new aid for Ukraine, Kyiv will have fewer resources to defend against potential Russian aggression.

"The clock is ticking," Biden warned

US assistance to Ukraine It has been reported that the US Senate has introduced a new bill on aid to Ukraine, which encompasses funding to assist Ukraine, Israel, and fortify the southern US border.

Moreover, Biden criticized the bill concerning aid for Israel exclusively, excluding Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden has also proposed that Congress allocate $106 billion to aid Ukraine and Israel, yet the issue remains unresolved.

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