The BTR-MD Rakushka is a rare sight in Ukraine. One mine was enough to destroy it

, 20:44, 28.07.2023
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A recording of the spectacular destruction of the Russian BTR-MD Rakushka in Ukraine has been released online. As noted by the Defense Express portal, this is a rare machine on the front.

The BTR-MD Rakushka is a rare sight in Ukraine. One mine was enough to destroy it

BTR-MD Rakushka

The army of the Russian Federation once again lost a rare vehicle from its ranks. Just a few days ago, the Kremlin had to come to terms with the loss of the BMO-T - there were 10 such vehicles in total in the army before the invasion of Ukraine began.

Now the destruction concerns the slightly less unique BTR-MD, which number in the Russian army according to Military Balance 2023 is less than 100 pieces. Importantly, the analytical portal Oryx calculated that at least 19 such units have already been destroyed on the front or taken over by the Ukrainians.

The elimination of the BTR-MDM Rakushka transporter captured in the last video comes from the Luhansk region. The explosion recorded by the drone is the result of a Russian armored car running over a mine (the Ukrainians do not say what model it is). Mine barriers set up in this way at the front are designed to stop the enemy's offensive or significantly slow it down.

The BTR-MD Rakushka is a rare sight in Ukraine. One mine was enough

Russian transporter BTR-MD Rakuszka

The Rakuszka tracked armored personnel carrier was designed for airborne troops and is a replacement for the older BTR-D. The machine is based on the BMD-3 chassis, but the manufacturer decided to remove the turret and enlarge the hull. Thanks to this, there was more space inside Rakuszka for a two-person crew and a 13-person landing party.

The BTR-MD is primarily used as a transporter, but it also works well as an ambulance, command post and a vehicle for transporting ammunition and fuel. Rakuszka has a firing position in the left part of the hull (on the commander's hatch) and is equipped with a 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm PKTM machine gun. There is also a 30 mm AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher.

Rakuszka's armor is made of a fully welded aluminum construction. This one provides protection against small arms fire and shell fragments only. The vehicle is therefore an easy target for tanks, but also - as the Ukrainians proved in the video - for mines.

The BTR-MD is powered by the UTD-29 diesel engine, which generates 500 hp and gives the transporter a maximum speed of 70 km/h. On a full tank of fuel, the Rakuszka, weighing over 13 tons and measuring over 6 m in length, is able to cover 500 km.

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