The Armed Forces launched a two-way counter-offensive

, 12:59, 15.08.2023
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On August 14, Ukrainian troops launched a counter-offensive on at least two sections of the front and approached the border of the Donetsk-Zaporizhia region.

The Armed Forces launched a two-way counter-offensive

Ukraine counteroffensive against Russia sees wins

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar announced that Ukrainian troops are continuing counter-offensive operations in the directions of Melitopol (Zaporizhia Oblast) and Berdyansk (west of Donetsk Oblast and east of Zaporizhia Oblast). She added that Ukrainian forces had unspecified successes south and southeast of Staromayorski.

Malyar noted that Ukrainian forces are still advancing to Urozhayne, and some Russian sources claim that Ukrainian troops control the northern part of the settlement.

Associate Oleksandr Khodakovsky complained that Russian forces were not sending additional reserves and artillery divisions to the area. He claimed that the "Vostok" battalion was fighting for Urozhany with all available forces, but the forces operating in the area were exhausted and suffered losses.

The ISW had previously assessed that Russian forces lacked available operational reserves that would enable them to rotate or bring in additional reinforcements, and that Russian defensive lines may be fragile. Some Russian so-called military correspondents claimed that Ukrainian forces continued their counter-offensive in the area of ​​Robotyna in western Zaporizhia Oblast and moved on southern Kliszczeevka.

Malyar added that Ukrainian troops advanced three square kilometers towards Bakhmut last week and liberated a total of 40 square kilometers since the start of offensive operations of Ukrainian troops in this direction.

Missile attack in Lviv

In Lviv, as a result of shelling, 40 buildings were damaged: windows and doors were broken. In a six-story building, 4 apartments burned to the ground. The audience spoke with the residents of a two-story building near the site of the rocket impact – kindergarten "Kazka".

During the raid, Vasyl Danilov went down to the basement, which is located in the house that was hit by a Russian rocket. The apartment where Vasyl lives with his family is on the second floor. The wreath and door were destroyed by the blast wave.

Andrii Pokrovetskyi, a resident of the tenement house, says that he saved himself by hiding in the basement.

The man says the explosion blew off the roof of his house, but he hasn't climbed there yet.


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