Tensions Rise on Ukraine-Poland Border: "Unprecedented Activation of Russian Agents"

, 11:22, 21.02.2024
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Tensions are escalating at the border between Ukraine and Poland as Russian interference fuels farmer protests across Poland. Farmers express discontent over cheaper Ukrainian imports.

Tensions Rise on Ukraine-Poland Border: Unprecedented Activation of Russian Agents

Polish farmers want to inspect what enters Poland

The situation on the border and throughout Poland is escalating. Tires are burning, farmers are once again protesting against the Green Deal and imports from Ukraine. Russia is closely monitoring the situation. Dr. Michał Marek, an expert on disinformation, warns of an intensification of Moscow's provocations exploiting farmers' protests.

On Tuesday, farmers from across the country once again block cities and villages. They are fed up with cheaper and, in their opinion, lower-quality agricultural products from Ukraine. Moreover, they believe that Brussels wants to push the Green Deal agenda on them, such as attempting to transition tractors to emit fewer emissions. It is estimated that there are at least 100 blockades across the country, but there could be more.

Zbigniew Stajkowski, vice president of the Wielkopolska Chamber of Agriculture, says he “fears provocations” targeting the farmers themselves. Protests on the border have been ongoing for weeks, and in recent days, he has seen anonymous individuals "coming to the border and recording something" that is unknown to the farmers. "Someone else desecrated the Polish flag", he reports.

This exacerbates the sense of chaos and uncertainty. "It's a mess, but I'm optimistic and believe that we will find a solution to the Ukrainian import problem that is in line with the law", he adds.

Russian interference spurs farmer protests in Poland

Polish farmers want to inspect what enters Poland

Tuesday's strikes are a precursor to increased activity by Polish farmers demanding change. Wiesław Gryn from the “Cheated Village” Association said a few days ago at a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture that an “economic war” is underway.

Polish farmers accuse Ukrainians of destroying the local market, while Ukrainians respond that by protesting, Poles are supporting Russia. Ukrainian farmers lament that they are not making money in this situation, yet every hryvnia is needed for the war effort.

The National Council of Agricultural Chambers (KRIR) will join the strike, preparing for social control on the border with Ukraine. Probably starting from February 26, farmers will inspect what enters Poland from Ukraine.

KRIR expects the atmosphere to become even hotter, especially since Ukrainians themselves have announced protest actions on the border with Poland.

"We will talk to the Ministry of Agriculture to strengthen the presence of services. We do not have the authority to control, but we will see if there is any intervention and how it is carried out. We plan to start social supervision on Monday, February 26", announces KRIR president Wiktor Szmulewicz.

"We will finalize the detailed plan on February 22. We will operate on a rotating basis so that someone is always at the border crossings. We are not here to organize protests, but our diligent work has been in vain. Politicians did not keep their word; the government has long claimed to monitor everything, but it is not the case", adds Zbigniew Stajkowski from the Wielkopolska Chamber of Agriculture.

The Kremlin keeps a watchful eye on the border, seeing the conflict between Poland and Ukraine as advantageous. Szmulewicz assures that he is aware of this.

"I want to calm the atmosphere. It's not Ukraine's fault, it's Putin's. He started the war. That's why I will propose imposing embargoes and quotas (a pool of permits issued for a given calendar year) on all Russian food. Now Putin is sitting and clapping because he sees this quarrel, and his food is going to the EU".

It is worth noting that the export of food from Russia to world markets is not subject to restrictions.

Russian interference spurs farmer protests in Poland

Farmers' Protest in Poland: Police Register Banner with “Putin, put things in order with Ukraine”

The slogan appeared on the banner: "Putin, put things in order with Ukraine, Brussels, and our rulers". Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration on Poland said on the X website that the banner "was immediately removed and secured by the police".

"The police and the prosecutor's office are taking action against its author. There will be no consent to such criminal activities"
Kierwiński added.

The demonstrators emphasized that they support Ukraine in its fight against Russia. Protest participants noticed that some farmers went to the border to give food to Ukrainians. Others welcomed refugees into their homes.

- As a country, we help them militarily and not only. However, the issue of agricultural products is a different matter, it is an interference in our market. All manufacturers should meet certain standards, but today this is not the case. The Polish farmer is in a much worse situation than the Ukrainian one. Preferences for products from Ukraine are unacceptable, hence the border blockades, which we intend to continue. We are not blocking humanitarian or military aid, said one of the demonstrators.


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