Sudden Announcement from Kyiv: "Ukraine and Poland Initiate Talks"

, 22:16, 21.02.2024
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Ukraine and Poland have begun discussions to address border disruptions caused by Polish farmers, with President Zelensky urging a high-level meeting at the border.

Sudden Announcement from Kyiv: Ukraine and Poland Initiate Talks

Zelensky on the situation on the border with Poland: We will take action

Ukraine and Poland have commenced discussions regarding a potential meeting at the governmental and head of state levels at the border, aimed at resolving the issue of Polish farmers blocking border crossings, according to a spokesperson for President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Serhiy Nikiforov stated that the situation at the Ukrainian-Polish border "must be favorable for both Ukraine and Poland, not for Russia and Moscow".

"If an urgent, unplanned meeting at the highest level at the border is truly necessary to resolve this issue, the President of Ukraine is ready to do so, as he assured in his speech", added Serhiy Nikiforov.

Zelensky's spokesperson mentioned that teams, diplomats, and the meeting's format are currently being arranged. "At the moment, I cannot add any further details or specifics", Nikiforov summarized.

Zelensky's appeal: "I ask you, Donald, Mr. Prime Minister"

Hours earlier, Volodymyr Zelensky posted a message on social media in Polish, addressing the wheat strewn on Polish roads "rudely discarded from cars and wagons." He appealed to Prime Minister Donald Tusk for a meeting of the two countries' governments at the shared border, ideally before the second anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on Saturday.

"I would like to address the Polish society and express Ukrainian gratitude to everyone who distinguishes political manipulations from fundamental issues of national security. I would like to address the Polish Government - to Mr. Prime Minister Tusk and the ministers," Zelensky wrote.

"I have instructed our Government to arrive at the border between our countries in the near future, by the 24th of February. The Prime Minister of Ukraine, our entire Government, from logistics to the agricultural sector, and of course, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine - because this blockade at the border unfortunately increases the risks for the supply of weapons to our soldiers on the front line. And I ask you, Donald, Mr. Prime Minister, to also come to the border. Andrzej, Mr. President, I ask for your support in this dialogue. This is national security. We cannot postpone it. The coming days give us a chance for that", read Zelensky's post.


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