Snake Island attacked again. The Russians dropped air bombs

, 11:42, 30.07.2023
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Tactical aviation of the Russian Federation once again, in recent days, carried out an attack on the "Island of Snakes". Russian troops attacked the place with aerial bombs.

Snake Island attacked again. The Russians dropped air bombs

Snake Island

The airstrike and its consequences were commented on by Natalia Gumieniuk, head of the combined press center for the coordination of the Defense Forces of southern Ukraine, on the air of the national television marathon.

- This is another way for the enemy to emphasize his dominance. They sortied again towards Snake Island and tried to bomb it. Two aerial bombs of unknown origin were registered around the island, she said.

According to Gumieniuk, the attack by the Russian forces is not only aimed at propaganda but is also an element of the naval blockade established after the end of the grain agreement.

"This means that the enemy continues to put pressure on civilian shipping in order to demonstrate who is the 'host' in the Black Sea" - she explained.

Special Forces action

The history of the occupation and subsequent liberation of Snake Island by the Armed Forces of Ukraine is one of the most popular media stories of the ongoing war in Ukraine.
A small island in the Black Sea was attacked by the Russians from the first days of a full-scale invasion.

After several bloody battles, the Ukrainian army managed to regain control of the island on June 30. The operation was carried out with the participation of special forces and, as stated by Kyrylo Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, it was planned from mid-March 2022.

Since the Ukrainians regained control over the Snake Island, there has been a huge flag facing the Crimea on its territory. As the military has repeatedly emphasized, this is a signal sent to the Russians informing about a future attempt to regain the peninsula.

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