Slaughter of Russia's elite units. "Half killed or wounded"

, 10:56, 06.08.2023
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The commander of the elite Russian airborne forces unintentionally revealed the scale of losses of his units in Ukraine. British intelligence analysts said that up to half of the 30 000 paratroopers.

Slaughter of Russias elite units. Half killed or wounded

It was supposed to be a daring action by an elite Russian unit

"Russia's annual Airborne Troops Day celebrations on August 2, 2023 have been marred by the apparently unintentional disclosure of the casualties these elite units have suffered in Ukraine", the UK Ministry of Defense said in its daily intelligence update.

In a speech published on the occasion of the holiday, the commander of the Russian airborne forces, General Mikhail Teplinski, said that 8,500 paratroopers were wounded during the war and then returned to duty or refused to leave the front line at all.

"The recording of the speech was quickly removed from the official channels of the Russian Ministry of Defence. However, the general did not specify how many soldiers were killed or were too badly injured to return to duty", writes the British Ministry of Defense. However, London-based experts say that extrapolating the data disclosed by Teplinski, it can be estimated that "at least 50 percent of the 30,000 paratroopers who were deployed to Ukraine in 2022 were killed or injured".

How many Russian soldiers died in Ukraine?

In mid-July, according to the estimates of independent Russian websites Meduza and Mediazon, it was reported that around 47 000 people died in Ukraine. Putin's soldiers.

Meanwhile, the General Staff maintains that the total losses of the Russians as of August 6 amount to almost 250 000  killed and wounded.

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