Russian loyalty. First they "sold" the plane, now they are blowing up their own people for money

, 19:24, 19.09.2023
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Ukrainian soldiers told the Kyiv Post what lengths Russians will go to in exchange for money or the promise of life beyond the reach of the Kremlin. The recently "sold" Mi-8 helicopter is nothing

Russian loyalty. First they sold the plane, now they are blowing up their own people for money

The Russians are changing sides. They attack their own people more and more often... for money

Last week, there was much talk about the operation of Ukraine's military intelligence, which carried out a special operation in which it acquired a Russian pilot, a Mi-8 helicopter, parts for other machines and invaluable intelligence knowledge.

According to Ukrainian partisans from the ATESH group (a military movement in the occupied territories of Ukraine, as well as on the territory of Russia, created by Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars in September 2022 as a result of the Russian invasion), this is only the beginning, because the Russians are able to go much further. further in exchange for appropriate remuneration and the promise of life outside Russia.

The Russians are changing sides. What do they get in return?

As they say in an interview with the Kyiv Post, one of them recently blew up two trucks full of his comrades at a military base in the Russian-occupied part of the Kherson Oblast.

According to them, he collected information about the location of the vehicles in the occupied city of Henichesk and, with the help of two Ukrainians, placed 10 kilograms of explosives between them, which were then remotely detonated when the Russians got into the cars.

Result: two trucks with crews destroyed - they explain.

ATESH members explain that the action took over a month to plan and was deliberately carried out on Friday at 8:00 a.m. so that the Russian soldiers would be "as tired and as inattentive as possible."

These are not isolated cases

He also adds that this was not an isolated case, because another Russian soldier provided Ukraine with details used to plan the recent devastating missile attack on Moscow's Black Sea Fleet.

This includes information such as the location and probable combat missions of the Rostov-on-Don submarine.

In short, Russians are increasingly cooperating with Ukrainian partisans, although not necessarily for ideological reasons. Russian soldiers change sides and betray their comrades most often for material benefits and the opportunity to go to Ukraine or, further, to the European Union.

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