Russian Forces construct massive train centipede in Donetsk region. Why do the Russians need a mysterious squad of 2,000 wagons at the front?

, 21:12, 12.02.2024
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Russian forces have erected a mammoth train centipede spanning 30 kilometers in Ukraine's Donetsk region, consisting of approximately 2.1 thousand wagons.

Russian Forces construct massive train centipede in Donetsk region. Why do the Russians need a mysterious squad of 2,000 wagons at the front?


Russian forces have constructed a colossal train centipede in Ukraine's Donetsk region, comprising approximately 2.1 thousand wagons, according to reports from the DeepStateUA channel on Telegram. The train, spanning 30 kilometers from the railway station in Olenivka to Volnovakha, stands as a formidable obstacle to the advancement of the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

The construction of this train commenced in July of the previous year, purportedly utilizing rolling stock pilfered from temporarily occupied areas. Described as a "very specific engineering structure," its effectiveness remains challenging to assess. The intent, however, is clear - it serves as a formidable barrier against Ukrainian forces, akin to a separate line of defense.

The sheer difficulty in damaging, moving, or neutralizing a 30-kilometer metal mass underscores its strategic significance.

Meanwhile, Russian forces continue to escalate hostilities in Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast, presently one of the most volatile sectors of the front line. Ukrainian defenses are also under pressure from enemy offensives in various other regions.

Recent reports from the Deep State website indicate Russian advancements along the southern borders of Avdiivka, with street-to-street combat engulfing certain districts of the city. Additionally, Russian troops endeavor to sever the strategic road linking Ukrainian positions with the front lines.

The intensity of the conflict extends beyond Avdiivka, with Russian attacks reported near Marjinki, Bachmut, and in the Kupyansk-Lymansk direction. Despite these challenges, Ukrainian forces maintain their footholds on the left bank of the Dnieper near Kherson in the south.

Ukraine: Dozens of Russian Shahed drones disabled

Analysts and Ukrainian authorities predict that the Russian offensive will persist at least until spring, with Russian forces extending their assaults deep into Ukrainian territory utilizing long-range Shahed drones. Overnight, Ukrainian defenses successfully neutralized 14 out of 17 such drones. However, Russian drone strikes targeted critical infrastructure, including an energy facility in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

The evolving situation underscores the gravity of the conflict, as Ukrainian forces continue to confront a relentless adversary on multiple fronts, with no respite in sight.


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