Russian crimes in Ukraine. Joe Biden's decisive move

, 09:21, 28.07.2023
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Joe Biden has ordered evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine to be turned over to the International Criminal Court. Cooperation between the US Presidential Administration and the ICC was blocked.

Russian crimes in Ukraine. Joe Bidens decisive move

US President Joe Biden

From the beginning of the war in Ukraine - especially after the disclosure of shocking photos of, among others, from Bucza, Irpin and Hostomel - the world is discussing war crimes committed by Russia.

The New York Times reported that President Joe Biden issued a secret order to transfer evidence to the International Criminal Court in The Hague confirming these bestial actions.

Officials familiar with the case say it's a marked shift in American politics. According to them, this decision by Biden overturns months of resistance from the Pentagon. He was afraid that such an approach would create a precedent that would open the door to prosecuting US military personnel in the future.

"For" were in turn the Departments of State and Justice.

Justified concerns?

Why the Pentagon's fears? Neither Russia nor the US are parties to the Rome Statute, which is the basis for the operation of the ICC. Both countries initially signed the document, but later withdrew their signatures.

According to the "NYT", US intelligence has gathered information, including details about the decision of Russian officials to deliberately hit civilian infrastructure in Ukraine and forcibly deport thousands of Ukrainian children from the occupied territory.

The newspaper notes that the US shared some of this evidence with Ukrainian prosecutors but refrained from handing it over to The Hague.

Appeal to Biden

Bob Menendez, head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, appealed to the Biden administration in a letter on Wednesday to change this policy in the context of the ICC's investigation into the deportation of Ukrainian children. As the senator told the newspaper, although he had not heard of a policy change, he would welcome it. He also called the Pentagon's attitude "unacceptable."

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