Russia plans to recruit new soldiers. They needs to replenish his forces at the front

, 20:19, 07.07.2023
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Russia plans to recruit new soldiers. Although official mobilization has been suspended, the Kremlin is signing contracts with troops and plans to raise new units. He needs fighters to replenish.

Russia plans to recruit new soldiers. They needs to replenish his forces at the front

The Russians are trying to recruit new soldiers - without training or equipment

The Kremlin plans to recruit up to 500 000 new soldiers. This was reported by Oleksiy Hromov, deputy head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to him, Russia needs to mobilize new people to wage a long war of attrition.

“Officially, mobilization in Russia has been suspended. However, steps are being taken to recruit contract soldiers to replenish the losses of Russian units in the combat zone,” Euromaidanpress quotes Hromova.

Conscript soldiers without training. Russia needs to replenish its losses

According to the Deputy Chief of Staff, the soldiers signing the contract do not have the appropriate training to perform the tasks entrusted to them. They acquire the necessary skills only during combat operations.

Hromov said that since the beginning of spring 2023, the Russian army has signed a contract with up to 15 000 soldiers. The Russian leadership plans to improve the situation by connecting 40,000 fighters from private military companies to regular armed forces.

Probably five thousand mobilized Russian soldiers are currently being trained in Belarus. The Russian military authorities also want to create new units within the 25th Combined Army of the Central Military District and the 40th Army Corps of the Southern Military District. It is possible that they will serve as a strategic reserve.

"According to our data, the 25th Army will consist of a motorized rifle division, two motorized rifle brigades and one tank brigade. The 40th Army Corps will consist of a motorized rifle division and a brigade," Hromov said. He added that the new units will be built at the beginning of next year at the earliest.

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