Reznikov is the first minister who was dismissed with applause after his resignation

, 19:53, 05.09.2023
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People's deputy of the "Voice" faction Andriy Osadchuk said that the first minister of the 9th parliamentary term is Oleksiy Reznikov, who was "sent with applause" after his resignation.

Reznikov is the first minister who was dismissed with applause after his resignation

Zelensky dismissed Reznikov. "The Ministry of Defense needs a new approach"

"I think it was a bad story in general, when the excessive emotionality of the media in the discussion of actually quite minor matters created a very negative aura around the minister and the Ministry of National Defense, I think that the President's Office was forced to make such a decision, but it definitely does not benefit the Ukrainian defense capabilities and Ukraine in general in this war,” Osadchuk said.

The People's Deputy noted that the Ministry of Defense has come “a huge way” in these 18 months.

“I believe that Minister Reznikov has done a great and important job, maybe I am wrong, but he is the first minister who came to the Verkhovna Rada before his resignation and reported. The first minister of this Verkhovna Rada (of the ninth term of office) convening - ed.) and the term of office of Zelensky, who was greeted by applause, perhaps not by the entire hall. I think it's fair, but it's also clear that his team and he couldn't cope with the narrative media, with the loud, in my opinion, not very accurate discussions that were taking place on social networks, in the media, "said Andriy Osadchuk.

Referring to Rustem Umyerov, the new candidate for the post of Ukraine's Defense Minister, Osadchuk said that he is an “effective manager”.

"For my part, I can really confirm that Mr Umyerow is a very effective manager, his work at FSMU has shown that he handles it all very well. Many MPs said today that it's good that there were no corruption scandals, but I think he somehow managed to organize the work both internally and externally around the Foundation, that from the outside it was perceived very correctly and the overall results announced by Umerov look good – said Osadczuk.

At the same time, the People's Deputy stressed that he personally did not like the rotation of ministers, but that the appointment of Rustem Umerov as the head of the Ministry of National Defense was a “good solution”.

I don't like the whole story with the rotation of ministers, but the mere fact of the expected nomination of Rustem Umerov, he is quite a good option out of all the options that were considered. It will play a huge role in achieving victory on all possible fronts”, said Andriy Osadchuk.


Resignation of Oleksiy Reznikov

On September 3, Volodymyr Zelensky announced his intention to replace Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov with Umerov, the head of the State Property Fund.

On 5 September, the council voted to dismiss Reznikov, who had made a statement to the speaker of the parliament, Ruslan Stefanchuk, the day before.

On the same day, people's deputies supported the dismissal of Umerov from the post of head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

Who is Rustem Umerov?

Umyrov entered big politics in 2019, when the “Voice” party entered the Verkhovna Rada. In 2020, he started parliamentary hearings on the liberation and reintegration of Crimea.

After the start of the full-scale invasion of Russia, Umerov participated in the negotiations on the exchange of prisoners. With his help, it was possible to return, in particular, the defenders of “Azovstal”.

The state wealth fund headed by Rustem Umyerov received almost four billion hryvnias from the sale of the facilities.

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